PTZ cameras add movement and visual interest to construction time lapse projects. Consider pros and cons before choosing them over 4k still cameras.


How to navigate the relationship between Architects and MEP engineers & choosing the right MEP subcontractor. 
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Don't let bad weather ruin your construction time lapse footage. In this article we’ll show you how to protect your time lapse project from extreme temperatures to water and humidity.
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Learn how to capture the story of your construction project with time lapse photography.
Find out how to add the GoPro HERO11 to your CamDo construction time lapse system for even more stunning time lapse videos of your construction project.
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Wondering what the future of construction looks like? These four trends will dominate the industry in 2023!
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Learn about the technology adoption lifecycle and how it affects the construction industry. See where construction falls on the curve and why it's important to move leftward.
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By delving into time lapse photography, this photographer successfully broadened her professional services and delivered an impressive debut project.
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CamDo is thrilled to announce that we are adding two new versatile, high-quality cameras to our product list.
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Learn how to capture the progress of a residential home build or renovation with a construction time lapse camera.
Read how solar saved a construction time lapse camera project. The video was used to create teasers for those looking to visit the new training center.

The  Livermore Training Center time lapse project achieved its objective of elevating the awareness and interest of international customers to attend the new facility for support and training. Topcon has installed an additional two cameras to capture and promote another expansion project on the campus.

Not all digital cameras are created equal when it comes to time lapse photography. Some are better than others, depending on the builder’s or photographer's specific needs. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a digital camera for construction time lapse photography.

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