A collaborative research project in Long Island Sound uses Blink to document and study the interactions between oyster farms and aquatic wildlife. Learning what fish and mobile invertebrates (crabs, shrimp, snails, etc.) use the farm gear as habitat provides a better understanding of the benefits an oyster farm provides to the environment.
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We’ve been taking a break this week with our regular construction time lapse programming to highlight another amazing solution that we offer: our Drop Camera Underwater WiFi Inspection pack. While long term time lapse is our main focus, this smart solution also deserves some love. It is drastically improving our customers’ workflow - and that’s why we do what we do every day.
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When you hear "reef restoration", you likely tend to think about coral reefs and other underwater habitats in places like Australia or in South America, but the fact is that there are reefs of all different kinds (not just coral) throughout the world's oceans that are monitored, restored, and protected.

CamDo customer, Dr. Jon Svendsen with the Danish National Institute of Aquatic Resources, is part of one of these reef restoration projects, and recently shared the underwater time lapse footage from his team's current Marine Habitat Restoration project.

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 CamDo customer Ahmad Allahgholi shared with us his initial stages of filming an 8 month time lapse with a GoPro underwater camera setup. As the founder and director of, Ahmad is interested in filming the growth of corals on an artificial reef, which he built to make corals grow stronger and faster.
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CamDo Solutions founder, PeterJennings, captured this curious snapping turtle staring down his GoPro camera at Stony Lake in Ontario, Canada using our Underwater Wifi Cable.
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Long-time customer, Russ Ricketts has utilized ourUnderwater WiFi Extension cableto capture footage and create an artful yet subtle nudge to remind the viewer of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Check out his latest below, titled "The Search for Understanding".
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CamDo Customer Laura James uses our Underwater WiFi Cable to live stream on Periscope to raise awareness of the state of the ocean floor's pollution.
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We introduce and trial The Underwater WiFi Inspection Pack. This makes it easier to use for applications like boat hull and wharf inspection; commercial tank and pipe inspections; fish farm monitoring; and more.
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We use the Underwater WiFi Extension cable to aid in trapping crabs. Find out how!
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Yesterday, CamDo Solutions' fearless leader, CEO Todd McCann, spent spent some time with Ryan Steinolfson (aka PeriscopeRyan) about how to livestream underwater using a GoPro HERO4 and our Underwater WIFI Cable via Periscope. 
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GoPro livestreamed GoPro athletes Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino as they were diving with Great Hammerhead sharks to the world on Periscope -- the first time this has ever been attempted. Our Underwater WiFi Extension Cable was used in the feat.
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GoPro and Periscope recently announced that the Periscope App allows users toggle from their iPhones' camera to a GoPro HERO4 camera via WIFI to live broadcast the ultra-wide angle high definition footage taken from the GoPro cameras.
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