There are plenty of benefits of a construction time lapse video for businesses and construction managers. It’s a cost-effective measure that presents construction companies in a better light to clients and other viewers. 
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Who knew measuring time was such an important aspect of photography? For professional construction time lapses and photo delays, you will need to use a rig that has an effective intervalometer. This device is an adjustable timer that can be used to limit the number of wasted shots and select the times when you want photo capture. But how does an intervalometer work? And why is it so important to industrial photography? 
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Matthew C. Grammer recently shared a video he created for his client, Republic Property Group, a Texas based real estate developer which manages a few communities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The company was working on Walsh, a budding development west of Fort Worth. Grammer was tasked with producing videos to showcase the initial stages of the community. As part of this, he captured the construction of two buildings: a marketplace and an activity center. 

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I had the pleasure of traveling to the Yukon in search of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) awhile ago. Photos of this phenomenon are always pretty spectacular and I wondered if I could capture something similar but in time lapse format using my GoPro. As a backup I also packed my trusty Panasonic Lumix, a nice compact camera with all the requisite manual controls.

I had been wanting to put the latest CamDo UpBlink Time Lapse Controller (which was released earlier this year) through its paces in a more challenging environment and this was the perfect opportunity. We had recently iterated our successful outdoor solar enclosures so I also took one of these along to see what interesting time lapses we might be able to capture.

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Our customers have diverse needs. So we built versatile, highly customizable products that can be deployed anywhere: on a massive construction sitebeneath the ocean's surface, spanning seasons in the backcountry ...and even in Antarctica in sub-zero temperatures.

No matter where you place your kit, you can trust that your system will be easy to deploy, protected in a rugged enclosure, and cost-effective... with high quality 4K footage as a result. Below are some of our favorite customer projects from land, to sea, to sky, and everything in between. 

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When you hear "reef restoration", you likely tend to think about coral reefs and other underwater habitats in places like Australia or in South America, but the fact is that there are reefs of all different kinds (not just coral) throughout the world's oceans that are monitored, restored, and protected.

CamDo customer, Dr. Jon Svendsen with the Danish National Institute of Aquatic Resources, is part of one of these reef restoration projects, and recently shared the underwater time lapse footage from his team's current Marine Habitat Restoration project.

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CamDo customer Seth Larson recently shared some amazing home construction time lapse footage using our Blink setup. His company specializes in creating beautiful home remodeling projects in San Diego, CA.
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 CamDo customer Ahmad Allahgholi shared with us his initial stages of filming an 8 month time lapse with a GoPro underwater camera setup. As the founder and director of, Ahmad is interested in filming the growth of corals on an artificial reef, which he built to make corals grow stronger and faster.
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Customer Trevor Walker shared an in-progress clip of a construction time lapse project he's working on in of a demolition and construction of an office and fabrication plant for a supplier of specialist equipment to the gas and oil industry. He was approached to handle this project after completing a six month project for another fabrication plant for hydraulic equipment on the same industrial estate. 
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CamDo customer Bobby Gibson uses Blink time lapse controllers with GoPro HERO4 cameras to capture a solar panel installation time lapse. This project was done for a solar company called Auric Solar to help illustrate how quick and easy solar panel installations really are. 
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CamDo customer Rizwan Bhiriya doesn’t mess around when it comes to ‘long term’ in long term time lapse photography. He recently shared his latest project with us: a nearly four year construction time lapse of the Pakistan's first dedicated coal, clinker and cement terminal at Port Qasim in Karachi.
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CamDo customer David Dupuy recently shared this unique construction time lapse with us. He mounted BlinkX, a v44 Battery and a GoPro HERO5 camera onto the top of a crane, shooting downwards, to capture a solar panel installation on building rooftops in Stuyvesant Town, New York City.
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