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“I needed a long term time-lapse solution that could be small and energy independent and could hold up in a construction environment. I have used MANY different time-lapse solutions and CamDo has the best solution I have found.”

Bobby Gibson, In Blue Productions, Owner

"The CamDo products make capturing time-lapse photos and videos simple and hassle-free, even over extended periods running into months. The quality and durability of the products is simply exceptional. The cameras were installed in August 2017, and are still operating perfectly six months and thousands of photos later - even with the SolarX-mounted units having been in the harshest conditions (heavy rain, wind, heat and dust). The wifi downloads via the GoPro make it very easy to obtain the original 4K images, which are much higher quality than other time-lapse systems. Also, the fact that this solution generates individual photos, which can then be edited into an action-packed time-lapse video, makes it ideal for extracting selected high-quality images for the client when required. Additionally, the prompt and efficient service provided by the CamDo team is exemplary."

Colin Mileman, Mileman Media, Owner

“The fact that they do not need mains power makes it safer and easier to install on sites with strict safety requirements. The neat and simple nature of the solar enclosure and its installation makes it perfect for use on construction sites.”

Espen Eriksen, AltoFocus, CEO

“We are happy with the quality of the footage and ease of use. The footage is used as part of our offering to large developers who need footage for marketing and site management.”

Bjarne Pedersen, Alto Focus, Commercial Director

“I needed something that I could set and forget, without it being tethered to anything (power, Ethernet, etc). Most of the other solutions were pricey and included other features or services that I didn't need and usually required some amount of connectivity. The Blink was the perfect solution.”

Craig Ferri, Front Street Construction, Owner

“Reliability is the primary concern as well as being simple and adaptable to both install and use. The quality of footage is on par with DSLR units that are much more expensive. In terms of cost vs quality of output there is no competition.”

Espen Eriksen, AltoFocus, CEO

"It also told me in the logs that the signal of the access point got weaker, so actually I realized that something was going on. How cool is that! I’m really happy with their solution. I can really recommend them."

Tom Rossipaul, Cinematographer


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