Powerful UI Update for CloudX: Elevating Time Lapse and Project Efficiency with 'Jobsite Intelligence' on the Horizon

We are thrilled to announce a significant update to our CloudX user interface released this week. This update primarily focuses on enhancing the core features of time lapse in CloudX, delivering an improved User Interface (UI), and restructuring “Projects,” with further advancements set to roll out next month under the umbrella of "Jobsite Intelligence."

The Jobsite Intelligence changes are designed to elevate user experience and streamline project management, incorporating AI technology for increased productivity and safety.


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At a glance

  • Time Lapse Features Retained: All existing time lapse functionalities will remain intact.
  • Organized Cameras: Cameras can now be managed by project, simplifying management across multiple sites within a single dashboard.
  • Project Segmentation: Projects can be split into floors, zones, and groups, with different cameras assigned to each area.
  • Sneak Peek: Keep an eye out for additional features in the left navigation—they’re a glimpse of what’s to come.
  • Training Video: All users can access a walkthrough training video after logging in.

All existing time lapse features are retained in the initial phase of this update. One of many improvements includes the ability to organize cameras by project, simplifying the management of multiple sites through a unified dashboard. Additionally, projects can be categorized into floors, zones, and groups, allowing for a more granular organization of cameras across different areas. A comprehensive walkthrough training video is available below or after logging in to facilitate a smooth transition for users.

Walkthrough video 


Walkthrough video jobsite intelligence

Jobsite Intelligence

In Q2, our  Jobsite Intelligence release will introduce new capabilities leveraging computer vision, AI, and machine learning. These advancements enhance construction site productivity and safety by reporting events detected in the frame and displaying analytics in an easy-to-use dashboard. 

Future updates will include expanded integrations and  Jobsite Intelligence modules focusing on productivity, including worker, materials, and machinery movement. For a sneak peek into the upcoming changes and a more detailed overview, check out ourJobsite Intelligence Preview. We are committed to keeping our users informed, and as we progress, we will share additional information through our channels. 

Furthermore, we will also be unveiling  CloudX Field, a mobile app available on both Google Play and Apple iOS platforms. This app will allow workers to capture observations directly from the field and seamlessly integrate them into the CloudX web interface for a supervisor to review.

With  CloudX Field, users can easily document issues, especially safety-related ones, by capturing photos or utilizing dropdowns to provide specific details such as issue type, location, severity, and comments. The Field Observations captured through the app can be synced with the Procore Daily Logs* and Photos module, offering a streamlined construction image management solution. *Other integrations to follow.

Stay tuned for an enhanced CloudX experience that retains the best features from our current platform and introduces important advancements in construction project management.


Walkthrough video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOdugAhiqBc
Login to CloudX:https://cloudx.cam-do.com 

Signup for CloudX:https://cam-do.com/products/cloudx-online-time-lapse-dashboard