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Construction time lapse post-production can be taxing and will test your attention span. While the simplest time lapse solution may be putting it together using JPG files and reliable software, the best post-production results require more attention to detail as well as the right tools to make it work. Here are some useful tips to use when editing your time lapse video and making it a top-quality one. 

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In the age of COVID-19, there is an increased focus on the health and safety of everyone involved with your construction project. And part of the way to achieve this is a shift towards new ways to use technology, including remote monitoring.
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CamDo Customer Seth Larson recently shared a long term construction time lapse video of a recently completed construction project by Stel Builders, a residential remodeling company based in San Diego, CA. The project consisted of the demolition of a garage structure and construction of a garage with a rental unit on top. 
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We are thrilled to announce our expansion of integration capabilities with a leading construction management software platform: Autodesk BIM 360.

Beginning immediately, you'll be able to integrate your CamDo construction time lapse and site monitoring technology into your BIM 360 Dashboard.

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Tanapol Euaungkanakul is an IT professional from Bangkok, Thailand. He was set to begin the construction of his home and wanted to have a high quality time lapse video of the process from start to finish. He hoped to have a fixed camera position, a system that was maintenance free, and not have to rely on the grid for power. 
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Construction time lapse is a strong tool for documenting a build, recording progress, updating stakeholders, and marketing your services. Last year, we featured an article highlighting five common long term time lapse mistakes to avoid. But that list certainly was not an exhaustive one. Here are five more time lapse mistakes to avoid, specifically on construction time lapse projects.
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A collaborative research project in Long Island Sound uses Blink to document and study the interactions between oyster farms and aquatic wildlife. Learning what fish and mobile invertebrates (crabs, shrimp, snails, etc.) use the farm gear as habitat provides a better understanding of the benefits an oyster farm provides to the environment.
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Matthew C. Grammer recently shared a video he created for his client, Republic Property Group, a Texas based real estate developer which manages a few communities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The company was working on Walsh, a budding development west of Fort Worth. Grammer was tasked with producing videos to showcase the initial stages of the community. As part of this, he captured the construction of two buildings: a marketplace and an activity center. 

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Simply put, a time lapse interval should be set in relation to the speed of the action of what you’re capturing. It determines the length of the final video and to a certain extent, the speed of your final video. And while it’s a fairly simple concept to grasp, it can be a bit tricky to execute, as there are a lot of variables to take into account.
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Another year has flown by and the most important thing is our customers. Thank you for your support and for trusting us to help capture your projects!
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We've highlighted the seven steps to time lapse, featuring a rundown of the process and helpful links to resources that we offer to help you get the job done.
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