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Need help troubleshooting your construction time lapse equipment? Looking for a GoPro user manual or other resources on how to shoot time lapse? We have  plenty of materials in our online support center. Whether you’re looking for resources on time lapse equipment for construction, a motion-capture skateboarding shoot, or any other type of specialty photography, get the resources you need with CamDo.

Select the product you'd like user information for from the side menu or from the images below. If you don't see the information you're looking for, feel free to contact us with questions about our construction time lapse equipment and resources.


Support Videos UpBlink BlinkX CloudX
Video Resources CamDo Solutions UpBlink BlinkX CamDo Solutions CloudX Platform
Blink Solar Power System External Batteries Motion Detector Controller (MD-003)
Blink CamDo Solutions Solar Power Enclosures External Batteries Motion Detector Controller (MD-003X)
Dash Bullet Cables PowerPad 15 Camera Charger & Sync Station Grab Software
Dash Bullet PowerPad 15 Camera Charger & Sync Station CamDo Solutions Grab Software for PowerPad
Underwater WiFi Cable Time Lapse Intervalometer Custom HERO4 csiFirmware  
Underwater WiFi Extension Cable Time Lapse Intervalometer (TL-004) CamDo Custom HERO4 csiFirmware