Behind the Scenes: Construction Time-Lapse of High-Tech Equipment Installation

Chris Kraft, Principal at Chris Kraft Media, shares their experience managing the long time lapse shoot of installation of a W+D 628RC envelope printing and converting machine at Goelzer Industries in Grand Prairie, TX. This in-depth look at the project reveals the intricacies of capturing the installation through construction timelapse photography.

Video: Time lapse of Installation

Project Overview

Goelzer Industries, a leading printing company, embarked on a significant installation project involving a W+D 628RC machine manufactured in Germany. The W+D 628RC is an envelope printing and converting machine designed for efficiency in producing envelopes. It can handle a range of envelope sizes and types, suitable for various applications, from direct mail to packaging solutions. The machine processes up to 30,000 envelopes per hour and supports full-color printing with a resolution of 600 dpi. The 628RC can cut, fold, and glue envelopes with high accuracy. 

The project, which lasted 3.5 weeks, required precise documentation to serve multiple purposes, including creating a final installation video and producing sub-edits for marketing and trade shows. Chris Kraft Media was responsible for managing the photo and video equipment to capture the process, ensuring that every detail was documented accurately.

The Time-Lapse Process

To effectively document the installation, Chris Kraft deployed two CamDo systems. These cameras were strategically installed in the ceiling, providing two distinct angles of the installation area. The cameras operated on a schedule from Monday to Friday, 6 am to 6 pm, capturing a frame every 5 minutes. This setup resulted in approximately 144 shots per day, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the installation process. The captured footage was uploaded to the cloud throughout the day using CamDo’s CloudX platform, enabling real-time monitoring, and image and device management.

Image: CamDo camera shown mounted on location

Setup and Mounting

After a fairly smooth setup process, things ran well other than the occasional challenge.  The client's location experienced frequent power interruptions and scheduled network maintenance, which required Chris to come up with alternatives to maintain continuous CloudX uploads. Despite these obstacles, the positioning of the cameras made for an excellent view of the entire installation area.


Once the raw images were captured, the post-processing phase began. Chris Kraft used GlueMotion, a Mac software program, to create 4K video sequences from the raw footage. GlueMotion allowed for customization of the 16:9 frame, blending frames for smoother movement and performing basic color corrections. The processed footage was then imported into Adobe Premiere for final editing on a 4K timeline. This detailed editing process ensured a high-quality final product that accurately represented the installation process. 

Insights and Tips

Reflecting on the project, Chris Kraft shares insights for others undertaking construction time lapse: He recommended setting up the equipment at least a week in advance to address any potential issues before the main project begins. This extra preparation time would have alleviated some of the last-minute stress experienced during this project.

Chris also emphasized the value of incorporating time-lapse photography into various project phases, even for shorter sequences. By capturing the passage of time in an engaging manner, time-lapse photography can significantly enhance the final video. In this project, additional time-lapse sequences were shot from ground level using traditional cameras, adding diverse perspectives to the final video.

Why do time lapse for construction?

Time-lapse photography in construction or equipment setup offers multiple advantages: 

  • Clear and concise visual record of build process.
  • Transparency and accountability among contractors, clients, investors, etc.
  • Video for marketing, content for social media.
  • Training.
  • Communication with stakeholders.
  • Post-project analysis and review of construction process.

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