A customer was having issues creating a time lapse without getting significant glitches across various portions of the image and recently reached out to us for help.

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With so many new opportunities on the horizon, construction firms will have to bid on highly competitive government projects and follow stringent regulations for compliance and safety. One strategy that can help construction firms build a strong reputation is the use of time lapse.

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If you’re using time lapse photography to document your construction project, you’re not alone. Many construction firms are finding that time lapse photography is useful for everything from monitoring a job site to informing investors of project progress, to marketing their businesses. And, bad weather doesn’t stop them, but there are some things you can do to make filming during rain or snow easier.
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Passive homes are much more numerous in Europe than they are in the U.S., but awareness is growing. The passive home Adams + Beasley is building in Acton, Massachusetts was designed by architects at ZeroEnergy Design.
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Read this second part of the series of "The Do's and Dont's of Construction Time Lapse Photography." In this series you will discover ways to identify the length of your project, cameras to use, memory and power capacity of your device and much more!
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Now, you can sync your CamDo construction time lapse images directly to PlanGrid Photos. All the powerful features you frequently use in PlanGrid, such as creating RFI's, tracking defects and communicating on issues, can now be enhanced with additional content captured through your CamDo construction time lapse setup. 

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