Making a Splash! The Perfect Construction Time Lapse Solution for This Community Centre’s Pool Construction

The team behind a brand new Community Center pool in Excelsior Springs time-lapse project shared their story with CamDo.  In the heart of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, the City embarked on a project to enhance the community experience – the construction of a new outdoor pool at the Community Center.  

Project Overview

The City of Excelsior Springs partnered with Royal Construction for the 10-month project, to bring a state-of-the-art pool to their Community. Clinton Reno, Technology Director at the City of Excelsior Springs, and owner of Skyvuer Imagery, wanted to have a time lapse video of the recreational facility for the community, while also providing regular updates to residents and stakeholders. by documenting the entire construction process. He used a drone and CamDo’s solar-powered long term time lapse camera. For more details on this pool project, visit the official City of Excelsior Springs Community Center Facebook page here

The Time-Lapse Process

Clint and his team created a comprehensive time-lapse video using a Sony RXOII camera. At the time of filming, the HERO10/11 had yet to be released otherwise that would have been the chosen camera. The shooting schedule was set from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, capturing a frame every 45 minutes. This resulted in approximately 13 daily shots, contributing to a final video duration of 2 minutes and 20 seconds. For some events over a shorter period, like erecting the dome, or filling the pool, Clint used the Sony’s time lapse function directly to capture a shot every 10-15s for short intervals. Overall, the time-lapse video was an instrumental record of the entire construction process, providing a captivating insight into the pool's evolution and fantastic b-roll footage to use in the final video. 

Setup was facilitated by CamDo’s  Time-Lapse Calculator, a tool used to calculate the necessary interval between shots to strike the right balance between having enough images to capture all aspects of construction, but not too many. Our solar panel powered the camera, ensuring a sustainable and uninterrupted recording period that did not rely on AC power or swapping out batteries. 

Setup and Mounting

 “It really was set it and forget it.” 

The setup and capture of the construction went very smoothly over the winter months from August to June.  But it was challenging, from selecting optimal locations for the camera to weather considerations. The team managed to overcome these obstacles, avoiding interruptions to ongoing operations while continuing to capture essential progress.  The SolarUp functioned seamlessly even in extreme weather conditions, enduring temperatures as low as -7°F. 

Despite facing challenges in choosing optimal locations due to existing buildings and limitations in capturing wider views, the team successfully mounted the camera on the edge of a nearby flat roof, secured with clamps. 

Post-Processing and Other Tips

In addition to the time-lapse footage, the team incorporated other B-roll and regular footage, including drone shots, to create a comprehensive video that highlighted various perspectives of the construction process and the best part of all - seeing the community jumping in the pool at the end on a hot summer’s day.  All post-processing tasks were handled in-house, ensuring a cohesive and engaging final product.

Reflecting on the project, Clint shared valuable insights for others interested in similar endeavors. He recommended using the GoPro HERO11 for future projects, emphasizing the importance of positioning and utilizing time-lapse calculators to balance image detail and efficiency.

Community Engagement

“Getting this outdoor pool facility was a big deal for our community.  We loved to be able to share the process with them.”

Daily automated photos were sent to key partners, including the City manager, Architect, Construction Manager, Project Manager, and other Community Center stakeholders. This played a pivotal role in keeping everyone involved and informed. This interactive approach allowed stakeholders, even those outside the City, to feel connected to the project's progress. 

Jesse Hall, the Community Center Director, shared that there are early discussions about integrating a sauna into the facility alongside the highly anticipated outdoor pool. Plans are also in motion for additional parking and an outdoor entrance to accommodate the heightened usage of the new pool.


The success of the project was echoed by team members and stakeholders. The time-lapse camera was recognized for its reliability, enduring through winter temperatures and adverse weather conditions. The high-quality photos provided a clear and detailed account of the construction process. The Sony camera, in particular, received a commendation for its incredible quality.

The construction of the community center pool in Excelsior Springs was a significant achievement for the City and an opportunity to document the process through a time-lapse camera. Clint Reno and his team's meticulous approach, coupled with the right equipment and strategies, resulted in a captivating video showcasing the construction and engaging and informing the community. 

As Excelsior Springs looks forward to enjoying its new outdoor pool facility, the time-lapse journey stands as a testament to the power of technology in capturing and sharing transformative moments.

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