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Productivity on construction sites continues to be a major concern within the industry.

The construction industry faces a significant productivity gap. The construction sector has only achieved 1% annual productivity growth over the past two decades, compared to 3.6% for manufacturing and 1.5% for retail.

Research shows that productivity losses due to inefficiencies and rework can range from 10% to 30% of a project's total cost.

  The Solution

CamDo is the first to combine an IoT camera and Computer Vision technology. We are also the first in the industry to address both jobsite productivity and safety at the same time.

Our platform employes IoT cameras that use artificial intelligence and computer vision to automate, detect, collect, and analyze visual jobsite data in our CloudX platform and/or integrate with construction management platforms.


Our UpShot cameras are easily installed on the inside of a project in large quantities.

Computer Vision

We then use computer vision to extract visual data and deliver insights.


Then the insights are presented real time in a dashboard, allowing site teams to get alerts, take action, and make improvements at daily safety meetings.

Save time and money with an all-in-one cost-effective, single-vendor product.


Gain project insights about safety, workers, machinery, materials, and weather.


Monitor worker and machinery activity, and avoid delays.

Materials Delivery

Stay informed about what's been delivered.


Images integrated into your construction management platform.

Reduced Costs

Decrease losses due to delays, lower insurance costs.

Field Observations

Encourage the team to report safety observations, with a free smartphone app.


Images integrated into your construction management platform.


Get real weather data, to correlate with productivity and safety data.

Remote Monitoring

Easily and continuously monitor your jobsite remotely.

Weather-related construction delays can cost up to $3.4 billion per year. These delays can lead to additional costs for contractors, such as extended project timelines, labor costs, and equipment costs.

36% of construction workers reported difficulties in finding and accessing the right photos when they needed them. This can lead to inefficiencies in communication and decision-making, loss of critical information, errors, duplication, as well as costly delays in project timelines.

Jobsite Intelligence bridges a gap between human and AI data for better processes in monitoring and mitigating the events that delay your projects.

Project and Safety Managers will be able to automatically collect, analyze, and respond to photos of work areas like never before.

The Cost of Low Productivity & Efficiency

The Cost of Low Productivity & Efficiency

Integrates with leading construction platforms

Your images will automatically be accessible in your construction management software or receive a daily summary report in your inbox to make safety reporting easy.

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