Camera technology has long supported construction site security and has more recently expanded its role to include work progress monitoring and project management. As these technologies continue to evolve, their applications on construction sites are becoming increasingly diverse and sophisticated. In this blog post, we delve into how camera technology is transforming the construction industry, reducing delays, and minimizing rising costs, while also exploring advancements in sensor technology, AI, and IoT that construction professionals should be aware of. 
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Some of the most frequent challenges encountered by construction professionals are bandwidth restrictions, financial constraints, and the ever-present difficulty of change management. These challenges highlight the need for strategic solutions that address real-world pain issues. Look at what the challenges are that most affect your team or organization and ask how has that changed in the past 24 months?  How it will change 2 years from now?
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The team behind a brand new Community Center pool in Excelsior Springs time-lapse project shared their story with CamDo. In the heart of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, the City embarked on a project to enhance the community experience – the construction of a new outdoor pool at the Community Center. Project Overview The
Does precast concrete resemble "Lego for grown-ups" at all? While it might seem familiar at first, there's more complexity and depth to explore! 
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Construction site management is a multifaceted role that includes coordinating diverse teams, adhering to tight schedules, managing costs, ensuring safety compliance, and navigating unpredictable site conditions. Effective management requires addressing these complexities with skill and strategic planning. Carefully planning and implementing time-lapse cameras on site can help streamline many complex processes that need managing.

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We are thrilled to announce a significant update to our CloudX user interface released this week. This update primarily focuses on enhancing the core features of time lapse in CloudX, delivering an improved User Interface (UI), and restructuring “Projects,” with further advancements set to roll out next month under the umbrella of "Jobsite Intelligence."
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As we begin 2024, I find myself in a contemplative mood, reflecting on the year that has passed and the exciting times that lie ahead. It's been a remarkable year, particularly in AI and construction, sectors that have grown and thrived with innovation. At the heart of this evolution have been you, our valued customers

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The construction industry faces many challenges, from cost pressures and resource constraints to improving safety and reducing environmental impacts. Construction companies face a myriad of pressures. The compromises between 'quality,' 'time,' and 'cost,' sometimes known as the 'quality triangle,' are a trade-off for the client/end user and the contractors delivering the project. These criteria are a constant push-pull through a project's lifecycle, manifesting in the challenges discussed below.
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In today's fast-paced world, capturing the evolution of construction projects through time lapse photography has become an invaluable tool for project managers, contractors, and stakeholders. However, to truly leverage the power of timelapse for your construction project, you need a robust cloud platform that can store, manage, and share your visual data efficiently. This blog will guide you through choosing the right cloud platform for your construction time lapse project.
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General Contractors need to know a lot about a lot! There are many moving parts in a fast-paced environment. For General Contractors, understanding MEP drawings is crucial to ensuring the project stays on schedule and adheres to the specifications outlined by the design team. Now, let's delve into the key aspects of MEP drawings that General Contractors need to be proficient with in this blog.

Cameras have had significant advancements and opened a world of possibilities in the construction industry. Using cameras on construction sites is not just for surveillance anymore. 

Which camera types are best suited for your specific needs? How can you leverage these technologies to enhance efficiency and project outcomes? This blog guides us through the complex world of construction cameras and how to create a camera strategy for capturing all the important details of your construction project. 


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