In the fast-paced world of construction, staying connected and informed about your project's progress is crucial. Thanks to technological advancements, remote monitoring of construction sites has become easier and more effective than ever. One powerful tool that has become table stakes is the time lapse camera paired with a cloud platform. In this article, we'll explore ten helpful tips for remotely monitoring your construction site using a time lapse camera and cloud platform
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Now, you can sync your CamDo construction time lapse images directly to PlanGrid Photos. All the powerful features you frequently use in PlanGrid, such as creating RFI's, tracking defects and communicating on issues, can now be enhanced with additional content captured through your CamDo construction time lapse setup. 

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When purchasing time lapse software, there are a few key capabilities that your construction company will need. But the most important criteria is actually unrelated to construction—usability. After all, fancy features are great, but they can’t help your team if the software is difficult to navigate.

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2020 was probably a year most of us would rather forget, but at the same time we have to be grateful for all the amazing things that our customers did, and the solid position we're in for the new year ahead. Read on for a few exciting things to note.

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Who knew measuring time was such an important aspect of photography? For professional construction time lapses and photo delays, you will need to use a rig that has an effective intervalometer. This device is an adjustable timer that can be used to limit the number of wasted shots and select the times when you want photo capture. But how does an intervalometer work? And why is it so important to industrial photography? 
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Amid the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we want to offer you a free CloudX Pro subscription (details below) and update you on action taken by CamDo Solutions to maintain business operations. In short, CamDo remains fully open for business and is committed to carrying out our work for our customers under these challenging circumstances. All of our employees are safely working remotely and are committed to ensuring your time lapse needs are fully supported.
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UpBlink is a time lapse intervalometer and scheduler that allows for image upload. It provides all the things you know and love about BlinkX: 4K quality, is easy to deploy, allows for remote monitoring, lowest total cost of ownership... but expands its capability to uploading images to the cloud via CloudX Pro.
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There are a few things synonymous with the town of Tofino, on Canada’s West Coast, including but certainly not limited to: surf culture, the rugged coastline, rain, refreshing, cold waters, Shelter RestaurantTacofinoHot Springs, fishing and we bet that the newly opened Shed Restaurant becomes one, too!

The construction time lapse footage of Shed Restaurant featured in this blog was captured over 5 months using our purpose-built ShootX time lapse camera and CloudX Pro for remote monitoring of the construction site.

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