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Construction Time Lapse Camera Packs

Reliable 4K/5K Quality TimeLapse Camera

Easy to Deploy Construction Camera

Remote Monitoring via Cloud Upload

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

camera_enhanceHigh Quality

  • GoPro 4K or Sony 5K Image Quality
  • Wide capture angle (if desired)
  • Perfect for marketing videos

monetization_onGreat value

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Quick ROI
  • Re-deploy on your next project

powerPower Options

  • Solar Power
  • AC Permanent Power
  • Battery Power


  • Using the UpBlink time lapse controller
    • Customise separate schedules
    • Date based, weekly or daily
    • Day, night, burst and video modes

date_rangeLong Term Operation

  • Operate for months or even years
  • Customisable power storage capacities

ac_unitTough Environments

  • Weather proof
  • Crush proof
  • Breathable enclosure
  • UV Resistant

textsmsEmail Home

  • CloudX - Online time lapse platform
  • Receive a daily email summary:
    • # of Photos taken
    • SD card status
    • Battery status
  • Login for remote status updates
  • Peace of mind everything is working

cloud_uploadCloudX upload

supervised_user_circleCustomer Success

CamDo construction time lapse gear is used by some of the biggest construction companies in the world. We also provide integration with leading construction management platforms ProCore and CMiC Global. Read more here.

customer time lapse logos


The features of each pack are as follows:

PowerUp SolarUp
Sony RX0 I/II, GoPro HERO5 Compatible (Triggering & Upload) PowerUp SolarUp
GoPro HERO6 or 7 Compatible (Triggering only) PowerUpTriggering only SolarUpTriggering only
Camera Sensor PowerUpGoPro: 12MP, Sony: 15MP SolarUpGoPro: 12MP, Sony: 15MP
Final Video Resolution/Pixels PowerUpGoPro: 4K, Sony: 5K SolarUpGoPro: 4K, Sony: 5K
Upload images to CloudX PowerUp
(H5, RX0 I/II)
(H5, RX0 I/II)
Email notifications via CloudX  PowerUp
(RX0 I/II, H5, H6, H7)
(RX0 I/II, H5, H6, H7)
FTP compatible PowerUp
(H5, RX0 I/II)
(H5, RX0 I/II)
Solar Power PowerUpIf upgraded SolarUp
AC Power PowerUp SolarUpIf solar removed
GoPro Battery Removed PowerUp SolarUp
Backup Battery Included* PowerUp SolarUp
Additional Battery PowerUpIf upgraded SolarUpIf upgraded
Additional Solar Panel PowerUpIf upgraded SolarUpIf upgraded
3G/4G Hotspot USB Port*** PowerUp SolarUp
WiFi Compatible PowerUp SolarUp
Large SD >128GB PowerUpNot recommended** SolarUpNot recommended**
RAW Files PowerUp SolarUp
Swivel Mount Kit Compatible PowerUp SolarUp
Specification Sheets PowerUp Download PowerUp Specification SolarUpDownload SolarUp Specification

*How long will the battery last? See our Time Lapse Calculator.
**SD cards must be U3 rated and cards larger than 128GB can be unreliable. Test your SD card performance using our SD Card Speed Tester.
***See UpBlink manual here for compatible Hotspots. Hotspots not listed may work but are not supported by CamDo.

extensionWhat's in the box?

PowerUp SolarUp
What does it look like? PowerUp SolarUp
Timelapse Controller PowerUp
(4 weeks free)
(4 weeks free)
Cameras PowerUp


PowerUp SolarUp
PowerUp SolarUp
PowerUp SolarUp
PowerUp SolarUp
PowerUpX SolarUp
Cables PowerUp SolarUp
Quick Start Guide PowerUp SolarUp
Which camera will you be shooting with - Sony or GoPro?
BUY (with Sony camera)
What's not in the box?
USB Wall Adapter PowerUpX SolarUpX
3G/4G Hotspot*** PowerUpX SolarUpX
Mounting Hardware (ties, bolts) PowerUpX SolarUpX

*How long will the battery last? See our Time Lapse Calculator.
**SD cards must be U3 rated and cards larger than 128GB can be unreliable. Test your SD card performance using our SD Card Speed Tester.
***See UpBlink manual here for compatible Hotspots. Hotspots not listed may work but are not supported by CamDo.

Also check out our Upgrade Options below - for extra batteries or solar panel capacity.

See the amazing resultsour customers achieve using CamDo equipment below.

If you need a HERO4 solution, check out this page.

account_boxNeed help deciding?

If you would prefer to talk to someone to work out the right product fit for your project, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.


“Reliability is the primary concern as well as being simple and adaptable to both install and use. The quality of footage is on par with DSLR units that are much more expensive. In terms of cost vs quality of output there is no competition.”

Espen Eriksen, AltoFocus, CEO

“I needed a long term time-lapse solution that could be small and energy independent and could hold up in a construction environment. I have used MANY different time-lapse solutions and CamDo has the best solution I have found.”

Bobby Gibson, In Blue Productions, Owner

See Bobby's video review of our SolarX system in this blog post.

Read further testimonials here from our happy customers

You can also check out all of our featured customer footage here.


cloud_doneCan I upload images?


Absolutely! Using CloudX, our state of the art online time lapse platform. CloudX provides image upload (UpBlink only) and also email notifications (UpBlink and Blink/BlinkX) for piece of mind your system is operating as intended.

Read more here.

camera_enhanceWhat does it look like?

For our construction cameras, our core time lapse controllers (UpBlink, Blink and BlinkX) are the brains, connecting to the GoPro and allowing you to set the time lapse schedule you need. The graphic below outlines the components in the CamDo construction camera time lapse system. We have a couple of simple options for the solar setup and also a non-solar setup using our DRY weatherproof enclosure if solar is not required.

 components of time lapse system


High quality swivel mount included in all packs.The marine grade aluminum swivel mount kit allows the enclosure to be mounted on a flat vertical surface such as a building wall or a rounded surface such as a pole or rail. The pivot allows for full 360-degree rotation and the ball and socket system allows a 180-degree vertical pivot with a 360-degree rotation for ultimate aiming flexibility.

Included in the kit:

  • Swivel Arm bracket (see video below)
  • Enclosure mounting plate with ball and associated nuts/bolts
  • Replacement nuts so that once aiming is complete, the adjustment knobs can be removed, thus requiring the use of a tool to loosen. This improves security and reduces the chances of tampering

The mount is the perfect complement to our weatherproof enclosures.

The flexibility and quality of the mounting system is demonstrated in this video.

trending_upConstruction Camera Pack Upgrades

Need extra power for your project? The options below can give you even more power to provide you with extra piece of mind whilst capturing your footage. Make sure to use the CamDo time lapse calculator to confirm your project power and memory requirements.

Our outdoor enclosures can fit up to 2 x V50batteries.

9W Solar Kit
In a rainy or cloudy environment? Just want extra piece of mind? Upgrade your SolarX (comes with 9W panel) to 18W by adding a second 9W solar panel.


$450.00 USD

SanDisk Extreme Micro SD card, 128GB with SD Adapter
Need a backup SD card? The U3 rated 128GB microSDXC Extreme memory card from Sandisk features the performance you need to operate your GoPro properly, with transfer rates above 30MB/s (U3 rated SD cards are required for use with GoPro cameras). This card is supplied with a full size SD card reader. Don't be fooled by cheap substitutes!

2 items left


$56.00 USD

47 Wh (V50) Battery
Need extra capacity or a backup battery? Grab another V50 / 47Wh battery with the critical Always On functionality.


$139.00 USD

video_libraryCustomer Footage

There are some great examples of footage taken by our customers and featured on our blog. Here are the latest featured blog posts describing how our customers achieved their results. You can also check out all of the videos here.


Need more information?

Read the comprehensive CamDo guide "How to Long Term Time Lapse"here. It will take you through all the issues to be considered.

Of course, we are here to help. So if you still have questions, head over to the Time Lapse Calculator and use the Contact Form on that page to send us a question.

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