The 5 Most Creative Construction Time Lapse Videos

Our customers frequently submit examples of unique ways they're using time lapse to highlight their construction projects. They're bringing each project to life in unique ways. We highlight five of the most creative construction time lapse videos that we've received so far that utilize our products.


1. Science Center Construction - David Trood

In one of our all time favorite videos, David Trood uses theBlink controller to show the construction and features ofExperimentarium - a new Danish Science Center in Copenhagen, Denmark in a unique way.

Trood uses a mix of standard, hyperlapse and time lapse footage to show the transition from construction to finished space. The way the footage has been edited together, along with the quirky, fun, music track results in a visually interesting, fun video that gives the viewer the sense of exploration and wonder that you might expect from a visit to the Experimentarium.

As an added bonus, Trood created a series of in-progress videos that were used to highlight progress as well as some of the cool features of the space. The entire project was done brilliantly all around.

Read more about the projecthere or view all of theprogress videos.


2. Solar Panel Installation From a Crane - David Dupuy

Sometimes, you just need a little shift in perspective to get noticed. And customer David Dupuy does just that in this unique construction time lapse video. He captures the construction work from the top of the crane, shooting downwards to give the viewer a ‘crane’s eye view’ of the solar panel installation on a rooftop. Not only is it a very interesting perspective, but the viewer also gets taken for a ride.

Read more about the projecthere.


3. Lidl Supermarket Construction - Runolfur Gudbjornsson

Sometimes the beauty is in the sweet simplicity. This straightforward, clean video shows the construction of a Lidl supermarket, shot byRunolfur Gudbjornsson. The use of aerial and time lapse photography to show both the exterior and interior of the space results in a thorough tour of the entire project. This example goes to show that you don't need a video that is bold and flashy to creatively feature your project.

Read more about the project here. 


4. Construction Time Lapse of the World's Largest Ethane Gas Carrier - David Trood

David Trood appears on this list again with a video illustrating the construction of one of the world’s largest Ethane gas carriers. The scale of this project alone makes it difficult to wrap your head around. The project took 18 months, 1.6 million man hours, 6,250 tons of steel and six time lapse kits. This is a perfect example of how video and time lapse can be used to tell a much larger story. The fact that the viewer can watch a construction project of that magnitude unfold on the screen is beyond impressive.  

Read more about the project here.


5. Solar Panel Installation Time Lapse - Bobby Gibson

This simple, bright and beautiful video uses a mix of time lapse and aerial video to show how quick and easy it is to set up solar panels on a home. This is a great example of how effective time lapse can be to solve a problem. The problem? The client indicated that one of the biggest barriers to purchase is that implementing their systems felt overwhelming to potential customers. They hoped to show that it’s a simple process that can be done in one day. And this video effectively does just that.

Read more about the projecthere.


Have you used our products for one of your time lapse projects? Send it our way at We might even feature it on our website or blog (with your permission, of course). With so many applications (and so many creative CamDo customers), it's great to show how our customers are utilizing CamDo Solutions products.