Customer Footage: Roofing & Waterproofing Construction Time Lapse & Aerial Footage

by Sarah Wallace November 08, 2018

Customer Footage: Roofing & Waterproofing Construction Time Lapse & Aerial Footage

CamDo customer Nick Henry at Drone Life Aerials shared footage of his recent construction time lapse project with us. The video mixes both time lapse and aerial footage to capture a roofing and waterproofing project and used our BlinkX Time Lapse Controller, a GoPro HERO5 camera and a Solar Enclosure to capture the time lapse images.  

Nick was kind enough to provide a bit more information on this project for us below. Read more after the video.


Could you tell me a little bit about the project overall?

Our client for this project is a roofing and waterproofing contractor.  The contractor offers multiple types of roof coating systems and they engaged us to shoot a promotional video to highlight one of their installations. The client was initially interested capturing the three-week project with time-lapse photography. We educated them on the importance of adding additional footage (in this case aerial) to help tell the story and provide a different perspective. The result was a 60 second promotional video for their website and social media.

We're noticing more and more people mixing aerial footage with time lapse footage for construction videos. Is there any reason(s) you can point to for this? What does this approach help achieve?

The reason we incorporate aerial and B-Roll footage is to break up the time-lapse video and create a more cinematic experience and helps tell the story. It also differentiates ourselves from the competition. A great example is our use of hyper-lapse techniques on both ground and aerial.

What were the settings used for the time lapse videos?

Photo capture mode: single, 12MP - wide, Protune (On), Color: GoPro, ISO min/max: 100, Sharpness: low, EV comp: 0, BlinkX controller interval was set to every 5 minutes for this particular project.


What did you find most challenging about creating this video?

The most challenging aspect of this project was during post-production.  We had some color variations in the time-lapse footage vs. the aerial footage that required some additional time and effort.

Any tips or tricks that you've learned that you'd like to share with our readers?

The importance of team work with the client and the need for their assistance in identifying the camera mount location. A lot of projects fall flat without a secure location identified in advance. Also, the daily status heartbeat email is invaluable.

What are some of your other upcoming projects?

We currently have a large commercial solar installation project in progress.

Drone Life Aerials is a Southern California based aerial photography and videography company. Their creative team loves to tell stories through the use of drones. Whether you're tracking construction progress, looking to showcase a residential or commercial property, have your sights on a parcel of land, or want to capture an event from a different perspective... they look forward to exceeding your expectations. Check them out on their website, LinkedIn, YouTube or Google+

Sarah Wallace
Sarah Wallace


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