Construction Time Lapse from a Crane: Solar Panel Installation

CamDo customer David Dupuy recently shared this unique construction time lapse with us. He mounted BlinkX, a v44 Battery and a GoPro HERO5camera onto the top of a crane, shooting downwards, to capture a solar panel installation on building rooftops in Stuyvesant Town, New York City. In addition to this perspective, he also had two additional units running to capture the long range perspective of the process as well.

Unsurprisingly, he experienced some challenges in getting his set-up mounted correctly for this unique shoot. It ultimately took the lead engineer to come up with a solution. They ended up using washers and a bolt to lock the time lapse photography set-up into a hole, using gaffer tape to ensure there would be no slippage.

“The GoPro was perfect to mount in an unusual place and the case made it possible to mount and the 44wH battery made sure the bitter cold would not drain the battery over a morning pick or afternoon pick — or even the whole day!”

They plan to feature the footage on the website as well as potentially show future investors.

Overall, it was a smooth shoot. Dupuy even gave the CamDo support team a shout out:

“I appreciated everyone’s help there getting me up to speed and making sure I got the products I needed when I needed them!”

David DuPuy is a New York City based photographer and videographer, specializing in professional headshots, corporate photography, family portraiture, editorial, event and product photography.. You can check out his work on his website or follow him on Instagram.