Customer Footage: Experimentarium Museum Construction Progress Time Lapse Videos by David Trood

We recently highlighted a construction video project of the Experimentarium museum in Copenhagen by David Trood, in which he used our Blink time lapse controller. We mentioned that in addition to creating the impressive video, Trood also created short videos showing the progression of the project as it happened. 

The videos are a fantastic supplement to the final video. They do a great job of building excitement around the museum opening by showing progress of the exterior and interior build-out, highlighting some of the cool features and exhibits visitors can expect to enjoy and has a little fun with the team behind bringing the whole experience to life.

We think this is an underutilized application in construction video - especially when time lapse is used. In this example, the videos were used to update and keep the public interested on the progress. However, it is also a great way make your footage work harder by utilizing it for marketing purposes and keeping interested parties (clients, builders, architects, etc.) involved and updated real-time on progress. With so much footage collected, it's great to get as much use out of it as possible!

Check out his progress videos below:









To view the final video, click here.

David Trood is a photographer/videographer/cinematographer residing in Copenhagen, Denmark. He’s commissioned by clients for a wide array of projects. He was awarded the title “Hasselblad Master” in 2006 and has contributed to Getty Images for the last 10 years between client projects. For more information and to see his work, visit his website or Vimeo page.