Customer Footage Highlight: Lidl Supermarket Construction Time Lapse Video

CamDo customer Runolfur Gudbjornsson created a simple, clean and impressive construction time lapse of the demolition and construction of a Lidl supermarketover an 8 month period. In addition to time lapse photography, he also utilized drone shots to show the construction site and the beautiful final interior. The video was created to show the chain's new store design. There will be future stores to be built after this project's completion with each of the existing supermarkets to get an interior makeover. The video below was first shown to board and investors of the project; and was displayed on social media.


Gudbjornsson initially began with a Solar Enclosure, Programmable Scheduler, HERO4 and V15 & V44 batteries, which were daisy chained together and always-on. In the middle of his project, we launched the Blink controller, which he swapped out in the middle of the shoot. Being able to easily switch between five- and seven-day schedules was a big help, Gudbjornsson said. The setup was mounted on a nine-meter long pole with a solid concrete base.  

CamDo Solutions Construction Pack - Long Term Time Lapse with GoPro Cameras

This was Gudbjornsson’s first construction time lapse project of this nature, in which he was relying on solar power. He did experience some challenges, but he was able to work with CamDo customer service to help him ensure things would run smoothly.

Being in Scandinavia, he unfortunately experienced battery drainage a couple of times – and he noted that if Blink Email had been available, this would not have been an issue, as he could have intervened quicker. CamDo has since launched a new 9W solar panel to increase solar collection in low light environments to help customers avoid battery drainage.

He also had to determine a consistent shooting schedule:  

“Here in Scandinavia there is less light during the fall and winter period so there was a bit of a challenge there. First I had to choose a time-of-operation that was suitable for all seasons. I would have been able to have it running for longer in the summertime but this would have given me a mismatch in the playback. I decided to let it run between 9-17.00 so I would not have a big change in light when working with images from the winter period.

His last challenge? Birds. They liked to perch on the enclosure which sometimes altered the solar panel alignment as they took flight.

All in all, it was a successful project for Gudbjornsson and he gathered a lot of experience he plans to use in future projects.

“Next time when I use the setup, I am certain that it will run even smoother. With the experience I have gotten from this project and with the ability to use Blink Email, it will not require as much maintenance.”

Products Used:

We now offer Construction Packs: a convenient way to purchase the the construction time lapse set up that Gudbjornsson used in this project. Learn more and build your construction time lapse set up here



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