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Get daily email notifications for the peace of mind that Blink and your GoPro camera are working as they should be.  

A new feature implemented as of v2.00.00 Blink firmware is the ability to setup a scheduled email notification every day. In order to use this feature, Blink must be near a WiFi access point (either an open WiFi network or WPA secure network - WEP secure networks are older technology and not supported). This notification will send the following information:

  • SD Card space remaining (HERO4 only)
  • Camera battery life
  • # of photos and video taken since last email
  • # of motion detections triggered since last email

We offer two payment options to suit your needs. Buy three months access to the Blink Email for flexibility (auto renewed unless cancelled). Or, pay one time and have unlimited access to Blink Email for life (best value). Blink Email is assigned to a single Blink and a subscription will need to be purchased for each Blink controller.

See the Blink User Manual for more information.

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