Five Cool Time Lapse Videos from CamDo Customers

We’re continually in awe at the cool time lapse videos, projects and applications that we receive from our customers. From the construction of massive gas tankers to the completion of building murals, our customers are creatively capturing the world around them with time lapse photography. Here are five of our favorite project features over the last few years:

1. Brett Eichenberger Brews Up a Mesmerizing Time Lapse of the Hops Growth Process

Brett Eichenberger’s client, Crosby Hop Farm, wanted to show the beauty and mystique of hop growth and harvest, something that has not been shown in this way before. So Eichenberger used Blink, a Solar Enclosure and a HERO4 camera to capture the entire process, incorporating the footage into a beautiful video that illustrates the process. Full Article.

2.GoPro Uses our Product in GoPro Cause Video: The Seed Vault


GoPro created an impactful video called The Seed Vault, to raise awareness about Crop Trust - an international organization that aims to secure the world food supply by safeguarding crop diversity, forever. Director Daniel Sherer utilized our Time Lapse Intervalometer (which has been replaced by Blink and BlinkX) to illustrate the point of the potential for extinction by time lapsing the full decay of pieces of fruit. Full Article.


3. Time Lapse Done Creatively: Construction of a Danish Science Center by David Trood

David Trood created a video that illustrates the construction and features of the Experimentarium: a new Danish Science Center. He used a creative style to bring to life the quirky, exploratory style of his client’s brand. In addition to the full video, he also created aseries of progress videos that were used in social media to not only inform the public of the construction progress, but also was a fun contest for viewers for a chance to receive free tickets to the center once completed. Full Article.

4.Derrick Lytle Time Lapses Winter-to-Spring Season Transition in Zion National Park


Derrick Lytle decided to capture the changing of the seasons in his breathtaking backyard: the Zion National Park high desert. Putting Blink and the Solar Enclosure to the test, he put his set-up far into the backcountry with the hopes they would withstand extreme weather conditions and changes. Everything held up and we’re treated with a beautiful peek into the winter in the high desert (a time that few of us get a chance to see). Full Article.

5.Runolfur Gudbjornsson Captures External and Internal Construction of a Supermarket 


 In this video, Gundbjornsson captures both the demolition and the construction time lapse of a supermarket. Additionally, he gives the viewer a look at the building both internally and externally. The style is simple, elegant and clean. And it’s a great example of the multiple perspectives that can be captured with construction time lapse photography. Full Article.


And as an added bonus, here’s another cool time lapse video done by our very own Dean E. of the Northern Lights during his trip to the Yukon. This one just never gets old.


Do you have a cool time lapse video project that you’re working on? Or do you have an amazing idea that you’re not quite sure how to pull off?We’d love to hear about it!