Customer Footage: Gluyas Motor Group Construction Time Lapse

Customer James Reid recently shared his footage that documents the demolition and construction of the Gluyas Motor group building. This construction time lapse was taken to capture the major milestone of tearing down the old building and building the new workshop and offices. The video below played at the building opening event, along with photos of history from the family business, which has been running for several generations.


Reid used a HERO3+ camera and a Time Lapse Intervalometer (which we've now replaced with Blink and BlinkX) for the project. He took a 4K resolution photo every 30 minutes, Monday through Friday from 6am to 6pm.

The biggest challenge he faced was finding a good place to mount the camera and still see all the action. The best places to mount were unfortunately in the middle of the road! He also added:

“Definitely buy a CamDo case, I used one of my own that I made up and it wasn't strong enough and flexed with temperature changes making the video wobble a bit.... it also leaked at one point!”

This is a great example of how a simple, straightforward time lapse video can show big and meaningful progress. 

James Reid lives in Ashburton, New Zealand. He’s an Electrican by day and does video work in his spare time. He’s worked on mountain bike races, car racing, weddings and more. He’s recently been focusing on aerial photography, as it’s not quite as time consuming as video projects. He’s the president of the Mid Canterbury MTB Club, which manages a 12km track along a nearby river, so he spends a lot of time mountain biking and working on track maintenance. Visit hiswebsite to check out his work or follow him onFacebook orYouTube for more.