New GoPro Hero4 Features Announced at CES

GoPro fans were buzzing at CES with the most recent GoPro update. At the conference, GoPro announced new firmware for its HERO4 Silver and Black editions.

These products will get a mode that automatically converts time lapses into videos, saving a lot of time for time-lapse fans. The current time-lapse feature takes a series of images and requires the user to turn it into a video within the GoPro software. There's also a burst-photo setting that will take 30 pictures over six seconds.

And one complaint that we’ve heard a lot over the years is that video doesn't auto-rotate... well it will now. When you wear your camera upside down, the camera will sense this and auto-flip the video. On the Black edition, you'll also find 720p resolution at 240fps for HD-quality slow motion, and 2.7K resolution will increase to 60fps for smoother video for fast-moving-scenes at a resolution higher than HD.

You'll also be able to add HiLite tags after the fact during playback. This feature will allow for you to mark a video so that you can reference specific activity when it's time to edit. The Hero4 Silver will be able to have moments tagged while filming or during playback on the built-in touchscreen.

Whilst GoPro wouldn't confirm exactly when this update lands, it'll be soon - within the next few months. Finally, GoPro also announced that an app for its GoPro Channel will be available on LG SmartTVs in 2015.



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