Introducing UpBlink: 4K Long Term Time Lapse with Cloud Upload Capabilities

If you happened to catch today’s newsletter, you heard about our newest product: UpBlink. (If you missed out on this announcement, sign up for the newsletter here!)

In case you missed it:

It was a huge year in engineering too as we’ve continued withBlinkX features, whilst developing its new big brother: UpBlink! After 1.5 years of hard work and thorough testing, the launch of UpBlink in January finally brings the upload of images to CloudX Pro to produce 4K footage for less!”
- Todd McCann | CEO, CamDo Solutions

UpBlink is a time lapse intervalometer and scheduler that allows for image upload to CloudX Pro. It provides all the things you know and love about BlinkX: 4K quality, is easy to deploy, allows for remote monitoring, lowest total cost of ownership... but expands its capability to uploading images to the cloud via CloudX Pro (previously, ShootX was the only option for this). All you need is a WiFi network or data hotspot, and the need for accessing the unit to download images is gone. A game changer for long term time lapse projects.

UpBlink - long term time lapse with cloud upload

It is currently compatible with GoPro HERO5 cameras, with plans to expand it to HERO6 soon.

We will be announcing additional product details as well as the Pre-Sale datevery soon. So stay tuned to be one of the first to snag this great product.

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