Introducing Underwater WiFi Pack - GoPro HERO4 Underwater WiFi Video

As you probably already know WiFi does not work underwater. OurUnderwater WiFi Cable has been a core product for many years, and we've recently created The Underwater WiFi Inspection Pack to include many useful accessories. Together, this makes it easier to use for many applications including: boat hull and wharf inspection; commercial tank and pipe inspections; fish farm monitoring; etc. I took the pack down my my local marina for a trial run.

We've had some fun with the underwater wifi cable in the past as seen herechecking crab traps and we've received some great footage from our customers when viewing spawning salmon, however, these examples didn't utilize all components that are now available. Having the pack certainly takes it up a notch with a more complete, elevated solution. The pack allows for better quality footage and provides you with the tools for better camera positioning control so you can get into those hard-to-reach places. Firstly, the solidNanuk case (similar to Pelican) and foam inserts make it feel like a James Bond gadget, with all of the components neatly secured and protected. The assembly of the components was a two minute, seamless process.

During our testing we’ve used theMr.LongArm painters pole and found them to be very well built and easy to use. We've also been using a standard boat pole (the pole doesn’t need a thread as we use a clamping mechanism). We also used a Lenovo 10" tablet which was great, but of course, any WiFi enabled device + the GoPro app will allow you to stream the footage.

I intentionally picked an overcast day to really test out a low light condition. As you can see from the video below, despite my less-than-ideal camera positioning, the footage does show immense detail and allow for that up close perspective without the need for a diver.

The Canadian Coast Guard has tested the Pro pack for us and was impressed with the quality, then went on to purchase many more. They are using it to inspect their boat hulls on a frequent basis in lieu of sending divers down. In addition, their processes require, that anytime they even think they hit a log or any debris they must do an inspection. This saves them considerable cost for the inspection.


The Underwater WiFi Packs are now available for purchase.Buy yours today and start capturing great footage underwater. Equipment used:

  • GoPro Hero4 Silver
  • Underwater WiFi Pack (Pro)
GoPro settings:
  • Video mode
  • Protune off (factory settings)
How will you use the Underwater WiFi Pack? We’d love to hear about your application and view your footage. Email us


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