UnderWater WiFi Inspection Packs for GoPro Cameras

underwater wifi pack

Underwater Monitoring. Made Easy. No wet suit required!

Let CamDo be your underwater eyes with our Underwater WiFi Packs.

Use a GoPro camera to view in real time what’s happening underwater.

  • Marine Behavior Observation
  • Fishing, Ice Fishing, Fish Farms, Oyster Farms
  • Livestreaming Marine Life
  • Scuba Diving
  • Swimming Technique Coaching
  • Monitoring Structural Degradation

camera_enhanceImage Quality

  • GoPro 4K Image Quality
  • Adjustable standard and wide angle capture

buildConstruction Quality

  • High quality rugged cable
  • Durable for harsh conditions

settingsEasy setup

  • Deploy in minutes
  • Intuitive use
  • Simple storage

videocamRecord or Broadcast Live

wb_sunnyLow light performance

  • 300 lumen flashlight included
  • GoPro low light performance


  • Choose cable length to suit your application/depth
  • Flexible mounting system
  • Position camera and light to required angle
“Just want to send you guys my sincere thanks for providing the Go-pro wifi extender equipment last weekend, we successfully spotted the DJI Phantom drone that was lost in a lake with 10 inch visibility and equipment worked flawlessly under water!” -MB

CamDo offers two main packs to provide the highest quality underwater recording and real-time viewing:

Underwater WiFi Pro Pack

Pack includes:

  • Underwater WiFi Cable
  • Heavy duty case
    • IP67 waterproof
    • Foam inserts to keep organised
  • Accessory pack
    • 300 lumen underwater light
    • Mount for inspection pole*
    • Velcro ties for UW wifi cable management

Underwater WiFi Lite Pack

Pack includes:

  • Underwater WiFi Cable
  • Soft Bag
  • Accessory pack
    • 300 lumen underwater light
    • Mount for inspection pole*
    • Velcro ties for UW wifi cable management


  • * Inspection pole can be any painters pole or boat deck pole. The pole adapter included in the pack will fit most common telescoping and extension poles with 0.715" outer diameter threads. However, the pole end does not necessarily need to be threaded as the adapter attaches by clamping to the end of the pole. As most customers already have a pole, it is not included in the pack.
  • ** Add GoPro dive housing if you chose the 'Dive' end in the WiFi cable dropdown box above. Also refer FAQ's below.
  • Maximum tablet size that fits inside the padded foam pocket is 12” x 7.5” (tablet not included)

trending_upUnderwater WiFi Pack - Upgrades

Add a camera or dive housing to your chosen pack below.
**If you have selected the WiFi cable with Dive Housing and do not own a GoPro Dive Housing, please add this to your pack. Also refer FAQ's below.


The best of the best. Features 12MP photos to create 4K time lapse videos. Ultra-sharp image quality and ultra- wide angle (adjustable) maximise your captured field of view (FOV).


The GoPro HERO4 Silver has slightly lesser low light performance than the Black but incorporates an inbuilt LCD screen

$399.99 USD

The following is some wonderful footage taken by Russ Ricketts using our underwater WiFi cable.

question_answerFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

chatWhy would I need a separate dive housing?

For the Hero3+ and Hero4 cameras, GoPro offers a 'standard' housing rated to 40m depth (comes with the camera) and an optional 'dive' housing rated to 60m depth. CamDo offers Underwater WiFi cables with the 'standard' or 'dive' housing attachment (noted in the cable selection dropdown box). Note that if you select the 'dive' option you must use the 'dive' housing, listed in the Upgrade table above as this has slightly different geometry to the 'standard' housing and are not compatible. Note that if you have an earlier model Hero3 camera with in-built WiFi, the housing that came with the camera is actually the 'dive' housing so please select the 'dive' option in the cable selection drop down menu. Further information can be referenced on the GoPro website.

chatWhat camera works best with the package?

The package works with the HERO+, HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4. If you are recording the video for later viewing, the HERO4 Black is the best option since it can capture high quality video at 4K resolution at 30fps while the HERO4 Silver can only achieve 15fps at 4K quality. If you are only using the camera for the live preview, the resolution of the live footage will be limited by your viewing device. This page might be useful in making your camera decision.

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