CloudX: Rebuilt From the Ground Up

Launching our CloudX time lapse platform in 2018 was a major milestone for us in our vision of helping businesses to capture difficult footage with a simple workflow. We were finally able to provide a way for you to remotely monitor your system via the platform, get a status updates via email and even automatically upload your images to the cloud and create a time lapse video from your images. 

But we knew that CloudX could be improved. While it was a strong product, we felt that the platform was not quite up to par with what we ultimately had in mind. Simply put, we wanted to provide more, for less. So we continued working to improve CloudX. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released an all new CloudX, built entirely from the ground up.  

The new CloudX has all of the original features but it also boasts: 

  • Advanced automatic timelapse building functionality. This includes advanced control in building your  time lapses such as skipping images, skipping weekends, changing frame rates. 
  • A customer dashboard to quickly see what's happening at a glance. 
  • Automatic firmware revisions can be pushed to UpBlink via CloudX. 
  • Flexible sharing options and better subscription management. 
  • More troubleshooting information accessible by our support crew for those accounts needing assistance. 

The best part?CloudX Pro starts at only $59 per month!



And we’re not done yet. There are a few key features that are still in development. You can now update your schedules remotely, receive advanced notifications that analyze your logs being uploaded and will send you alerts. And finally, there will be a more advanced integration with Procore. We will continue to evolve as the market evolves.

In the future, we’ve got our eye on integrations and compatibility. Big data is becoming increasingly important, therefore, flexible and seamless integrations will become the norm. We'll be working on integrating with the tools you need. We're also working on compatibility with other cameras so stay tuned.

Here’s a breakdown of all CloudX options.



CloudX Pro Plan

CloudX Pro Plus Plan


Status Heartbeat

(via uploaded status text file)

UpBlink compatible




Daily Email

Image Upload

Cloud Storage

15 GB storage

100 GB storage
By customer
Automatic Time Lapse Creation
Once per week
3 Months Access $177 $267 n/a
12 Months Access $649 $879 n/a
One off purchase n/a n/a $799