Metal Band Releases Impressive Time Lapse Video: Rammstein Stage Site Construction

One strength of time lapse photography is its ability to show large, complicated processes in a way our brains can comprehend. It allows us to understand scale. As a music lover, I’ve always found stage construction time lapses interesting (I featured a Metallica stage construction time lapse two years ago). I’ve found myself sitting at shows in large stadiums looking at enormous, intricate stages and productions wondering just what goes into bringing this to life.

The German industrial metal band, Rammstein, gives us a peek behind the curtain. They have released a seriously impressive time lapse video highlighting the amount of time, equipment, man-power, and logistics required to put together the band’s current live production. Rammstein is known for their over-the-top, exciting productions, so getting to see what goes into pulling it off is intriguing. 

The video was shot over the course of a week in June 2019 at the Rudolf Harbig Stadium in Dresden, and comes a month after the band announced their 2020 North American Stadium tour

Rammstein’s lighting designer Roland Griel, part of production company Woodroffe Bassett, revealed that around 400 people work on the setting up, taking down, transporting, operation, maintenance, feeding, management, and blowing up of each and every gig. Moreover, there’s even asecond team on hand to start work at the following venue, getting ready to set up and build the stage.

“Going into stadiums, you can only bring in about 10 trucks at a time, so you have to make sure you bring in the right one at the right time for what it’s got in it, that there are enough people around,” he said. “I think they’ve got the load out down to four and a half hours now. Then they get in the trucks and drive 500km to the next show. Then they load all the pyro and lights, which takes about eight hours. Repeat that until the tour is over!”

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. And while I’ve never personally been to a Rammstein show, word on the web is that it’s worth it.



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