Capture Long Term Time Lapse Anywhere, Any Time, in Any Condition

Our customers have diverse needs. So we built versatile, highly customizable products that can be deployed anywhere: on a massiveconstruction site,beneath the ocean's surface, spanning seasons in thebackcountry ...and even inAntarcticain sub-zero temperatures.

No matter where you place your kit, you can trust that your time lapse system will be easy to deploy, protected in a rugged enclosure, and cost-effective... with high quality 4K footage as a result. Below are some of our favorite customer projects from land, to sea, to sky, and everything in between. 

Outdoor Construction

Chichester Free School Construction Project by Metropolis Visual

CamDo customer Tomas Jurjonas of Metropolis Visual recently shared this 18-month Chichester Free Schoolconstruction time lapse footage with us. The project was a demolition of the now derelict Carmelite Convent in Chichester, UK in order for the building restoration/construction of the Chichester Free School. And we’re not sure what we love more: the beautiful footage or the story of how it came to be.

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Final Time Lapse of 18-Month UDOT Highway Construction Project

Our customers frequently submit examples of unique ways they're using time lapse to highlight their construction projects. They're bringing each project to life in creative ways. We highlight five of the most unique construction time lapse videos that we've received so far that utilize our products.


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Indoor Construction

Experimentarium Museum Construction Progress Time Lapse Videos by David Trood

David Trood has created a video illustrating the construction and features ofExperimentarium - the new Danish Science Center in Copenhagen, Denmark in a unique way. Check out the video below.

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David Trood Captures Metallica Stage Construction Time Lapse

David Trood captures a time lapse of the Metallica stage at the Royal Arena arena in Copenhagen, Denmark using four Blink and GoPro HERO4 camera set-ups.


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GoPro Underwater Time Lapse of Coral Reefs

When you hear "reef restoration", you likely tend to think about coral reefs and other underwater habitats in places like Australia or in South America, but the fact is that there are reefs of all different kinds (not just coral) throughout the world's oceans that are monitored, restored, and protected.

CamDo customer, Dr. Jon Svendsen with the Danish National Institute of Aquatic Resources, is part of one of these reef restoration projects, and recently shared the underwater time lapse footage from his team's current Marine Habitat Restoration project.

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Deep in the Backcountry 

Winter-to-Spring Season Transition Time Lapse in Zion National Park by Derrick Lytle

Derrick Lytle is back with a beautiful season time lapse to show the transition from winter to spring in Zion National Park using our Blink time lapse controller, Solar Enclosure and GoPro HERO3+ camera.

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Plant Life

GoPro Uses CamDo Intervalometer in 'GoPro Cause' Film, 'The Seed Vault'

GoPro's recentGoPro for a Cause film,The Seed Vault, highlights the Crop Trust: an organization that aims to secure the world's food supply, forever. The CamDo Solutions Time Lapse Intervalometer was used to illustrate the point of the potential for extinction of crop species by time lapsing the full decay of pieces of fruit. Read more about this important cause and watch the film & check out behind-the-scenes footage.


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CamDo Customer Brett Eichenberger Brews Up a Mesmerizing Time Lapse of the Growth And Harvest Process at Crosby Hop Farm

CamDo customer, Brett Eichenberger, creates a gorgeous time lapse of the hops growing and harvesting process usingBlink*, aSolar Enclosure and a HERO4 camera, for client, Crosby Hop Farm.


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In the Sky 

Construction Time Lapse from a Crane: Solar Panel Installation

CamDo customer David Dupuy recently shared this unique construction time lapse with us. He mounted BlinkX, av44 Battery and aGoPro HERO5camera onto the top of a crane, shooting downwards, to capture a solar panel installation on building rooftops in Stuyvesant Town, New York City.


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How to Capture a Beautiful Time Lapse of the Northern Lights with Blink

CamDo CTO takes us along on his trip to the Yukon and shows how to capture and create beautiful nature time lapse footage of the Northern Lights with Blink.He had been wanting to put theCamDo Blink Time Lapse Controllerprototype (which was officially released in June 2016 and has now been upgraded to BlinkX/UpBlink) through its paces in a more challenging environment and this was the perfect opportunity… which resulted in mesmerizing footage.

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Extreme Cold

Customer Uses Time Lapse to Aid in Studying Antarctic Ice Shelf Stability

A few years ago, we featured a project from CamDo customer Douglas MacAyeal, which featured a time lapse video that monitored an ice shelf in Antarctica to study ice shelf stability at McMurdo Station Antarctica (video below).

We recently heard from Douglas thatBlinkX will be used for another project in Antarctica. This time around, the location is the George VI Ice Shelf in Antarctica. They will be monitoring surface lakes that fill and drain as the polar seasons progress, as hundreds form here. They’ll be staying at a station calledFossil Bluff, which is run by the British Antarctic Survey.


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