Customer Footage: Chichester Free School Construction Project by Metropolis Visual

CamDo customer Tomas Jurjonas of Metropolis Visual recently shared this 18-month Chichester Free School construction time lapse footage with us. The project was a demolition of the now derelict Carmelite Convent in Chichester, UK in order for the building restoration/construction of the Chichester Free School. And we’re not sure what we love more: the beautiful footage or the story of how it came to be.

Jurjonas, a video producer, was simply walking by the beautiful building with bulldozers busy in progress demolishing it. So he did with anyone would do: stuck his head through the fence and asked to speak to the construction manager. “You are demolishing and building history! It must be documented and I am the guy for that.” he said.

The only problem is that he had never done a long term time lapse project before. But they knew they could do it and do it well. He and his partner spent all night searching the internet for the perfect solution to get the job done. Luckily, the search led him to us. There was less than three days before he needed to start shooting. Thankfully, we were able to connect him with our UK distributor and he had product in hand with just enough time. This was an all hands on deck effort.

They spent the entire night learning how to use Blink (which has now been upgraded to UpBlink) and the Solar Enclosure. Luckily, “the instructions were clear” and it’s a very easy product to deploy. It wasn’t without stress, as they had one shot to get the deployment right in very little time. But they did it.

And the resulting footage is beautiful.

Despite it being their first long term time lapse project, we’d say they did it right. Not only did they get fantastic footage, they knew how to use that footage effectively. They created progress videos for everyone to be able to watch the project progress. 

In Jurjonas’ words:

“Because it was such an iconic building in the local community  “Carmelite Convent” and it was reconstructed to become a Chichester Free School. There were lots of parties involved in the project and everybody wanted to see what is happening with every stage of the building process. Therefore we did a few video releases during the construction period to keep everybody in the loop. Videos have been shared throughout all local media channels, school, building companies, council, architects web pages. Everybody was proud to be involved in the construction and were sharing the content we produced.”

Additionally, they now house the footage on a fantasticportfolio page that features all of the footage by construction phase. We’d say they’re making their footage work hard for them, their clients, and the community. We love seeing long term time lapse done right. 

“Because [construction builders] are building a future, creating history! And it must be documented in a way that engages and excites people by watching a building being built.”

Their hard work has paid off. They have a few interesting upcoming projects following this successful project. One is a full reconstruction of the main street in town. Another project will be the construction of a brand new state of the art academy in London centre. We can’t wait to follow along!



About Metropolis Visual

Metropolis Visual was founded in 2016 with a mission to improve advertising for the better. Whether the goals are tied to building brand awareness, educating and converting customers/clients or team expansion, they believe the all-in-one package of sight, sound and motion is one of the best tools you can have in your marketing arsenal that truly works. They aim to transform your business and they way you interact with potential clientele. Their passion is  video marketing that evokes emotion, impels action, stays in your customers'/clients' memory for days (if not forever). Follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.