CamDo Solar Power System Now Compatible with Hero4

We’ve recently made some important updates to the CamDo Solar Power System. Our Solar Panel and Battery with weather resistant enclosure so that it’s compatible with GoPro HERO4 cameras. This update allows for all GoPro cameras to work with this product.

The CamDo Solar Power System is designed for long term operation of GoPro cameras off the grid for time lapse photography using our Programmable Scheduler or Intervalometer and wildlife photography or security using our motion detector systems. Note: Our Time Lapse Controller & Programmable Scheduler aren't currently compatible with Hero4... but will be very soon.

The 6 watt solar panel charges a 4,000 mAH Lithium Polymer battery which outputs 5 volts at up to 2 amps to power the camera or other accessories in a dry box.

The boxes are designed to be crushproof, dust tight and waterproof. We have customized this rugged super strong box as a weather resistant outdoor enclosure by adding a clear lens and an interior bracket to hold a GoPro camera, battery, Motion Detector module and CamDo Time Lapse Controller.

The enclosure is compatible with the Time Lapse Intervalometer or the Programmable Scheduler, which are now also compatible with HERO3+ Silver cameras. 



Have you used our products for one of your time lapse projects? Send it our way at We might even feature it on our website or blog (with your permission, of course). With so many applications (and so many creative CamDo customers), it's great to show how our customers are utilizing CamDo Solutions products.