CamDo Customer Uses Bullet Cables & GoPro HERO4 Cameras to Create Light Graffiti Effect

CamDo customer Mind Spirit Design, an audio visual agency in Dubai, recently utilized our Bullet cables, GoPro HERO4 cameras and our PowerPad Multi Camera Charge and Sync Station to offer a creative interactive experience for their client Lincoln. Lincoln aimed to provide a unique experience for the guests of Conde Nast Middle East Traveler.

Their experience was called GLO 180 Photobooth. The booth allowed guests to create a light painting captured in (nearly) 180 degrees. Mind Spirit Design built their own rig for 15 GoPro cameras, though ended up only using 10 cameras in order cut down on processing time (so it’s not truly 180 degrees). Lincoln challenged Mind Spirit Design to achieve a 2-3 minute process: from the time the guest stepped into the booth to the time they were able to view and share the final product.

Bullet Controller for GoPro Cameras

The process works like this:

  1. Images are taken of each guest within the photobooth.
  2. The guest then waits approximately 1 minute outside of the booth.
  3. While the guest is waiting, files are pulled down by a technician via the CamDo PowerPad and Grab autodownload software.
  4. Software is run to generate a gif file of the images.
  5. The files are copied to a second touchscreen computer.
  6. The guest can view and/or share online the final photo and gif.
  7. The pictures can also be printed on the spot.

It was a challenging project, but with a lot of research, experimentation and trial and error, the Mind Spirit Design team was able to get it right. Most challenging for them was determining the right products/software to use and getting the camera angles just right.   

“Just keep on experimenting and [conduct] endless research. It's trial and error at first - but when you get it right, everything falls into its right place.” says Mind Spirit Design representative, Makhy dela Pena.


About Mind Spirit Design:

Mind Spirit Design provides comprehensive, affordable audio and video solutions for the entire UAE area. For over a decade, we have served fortune 500 companies like Seha, Petroleum Institute, Saudi Aramco, HSBC with the finest event planning service in the emirates. From dynamic speakers to crystal clear projectors, we provide a full range of industry leading audio/video rentals. Our experienced, industry connected service also offers the finest event planning and event décor in the area.

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