CamDo Blink Firmware

Update your Blink to the latest firmware by clicking the link below. Then follow the steps outlined in the Blink User Manual to update your Blink. To determine what your firmware version is, connect to Blink and navigate to the UI address ( Then look at the top right corner of the screen. You should see something that looks like this.

CamDo Solutions Blink Firmware

Check to make sure that the version beside BLINK: corresponds to the latest below.
Download: v2.02.01

Note: The USB flash drive must be using the FAT32 format and if the filename has been changed, Blink will not recognize the file.
For example, "blink_update(1).bin" or "blink_update.bin.txt".

Change log


    Bug Fix

    • Fixed an issue that prevented older Blinks from uploading


    New Features

    • Blink Email service replaced with CloudX platform

    Note: If updating the Blink firmware from a version previous to v2.02, the schedules and logs must be cleared from the web interface before re-programming your desired schedules as indicated in the Blink User Manual.


    Bug Fix

    • Fixed issue with Blink Email displaying improper counter values


    Feature re-addition

    • “Tip” contact on wired remote is now driven high when the camera is on. Can be used to interface to external devices (ie. lights, arduino, etc.)


    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issues with iOS displaying improper schedule times


    New Features

    • Trigger Blink with PIR sensor or external input
    • WiFi stays active if user is controlling through the UI
    • 'Camera On' action for scripting or maintenance window
    • NTP time syncing after email notification
    • Increase max video record time to 18 hrs (64800 secs)
    • Increase max SSID and Password to 32 characters
    • More fluid UI

    Bug Fixes

    • Photo/Video/MD/Script counter retention on power loss (Blink Email)


    New Features

    • Minor performance improvements


    New Features

    • Added Blink Email Notification support
    • Increased maximum video record time from 59min to 255 min

    Bug Fixes

    • "Sync Time" button now instantly turns camera on and pushes time to camera instead of waiting for a schedule event


    New Features

    • Added support for scripting
    • Added support for all video modes
    • “Tip” contact on wired remote is now driven high when the camera is on. Can be used to interface to external devices (ie. lights, arduino, etc.)
    • Increased maximum video record time from 12min to 59 min
    • Added “Fast Capture” motion detector mode. This feature is in beta.

    Bug Fixes

    • WiFi does not start automatically when plugged in to increase stability when running at low power
    • Fixed bug that skipped the rest of the schedules in a day if an interval surpassed a schedule end time
    • General performance improvements


    New Features

    • Decreased power consumption by disabling MD when not in use


    • Initial Release
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