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How long will the battery last before it is discharged?

The Intervalometer can be used to extend the battery life. How long the battery will last depends on many factors such as the camera you are using and the shooting schedule you have programmed. There are just too many variables to give an accurate answer.

An analysis of the power consumption of the various GoPro cameras and an explanation of how to calculate the theoretical battery life is outlined on the GoPro Power Consumptionpage. Our Time Lapse Calculator page can be used to assist you in planning the interval times of your time lapse project.

For reference, in our own tests, a HERO3+ Black lasted 3 weeks shooting one shot per hour.

How large is the Deepwater Housing and what does it Weigh?

The HERO2 housing weighs 1 lb 2 oz (531 gr). The dimensions are: Length 3" 1/8 (8.3cm), Width 2" 3/8 (6.4cm), Height 2" 1/2 (6.6cm).

The HERO3/4 housing weighs 1 lb 1 oz (497 gr). The dimensions are: Length 3" 1/8 (8.3cm), Width 2" 3/8 (6.5cm), Height 2" 1/8 (5.4cm)

What are the Physical Properties and Chemical Composition of the Lens?

The lens in the deep water housing is made from borosilicate. The light transmission is about 87%. Optically, it's free of distortion. It is also unaffected by temperature change. It is heat resistant up to 800 C. (The camera isn't).

Chemical Composition:

- SiO2 = 80.6% Coefficient of expansion (20°C-300°C) 3.3 x 10-6 K-1
- B2O3 = 13.0% Density 2.23g/cm3
- Na2O = 4.0% Refractive index (Sodium D line) 1.474
- Al2O3 = 2.3% Dielectric constant (1MHz, 20°C) 4.6

Physical Properties:

- Specific heat (20°C) 750J/kg°C
- Refractive index (Sodium D line) = 1.474
- Thermal conductivity (20°C) 1.14W/m°C
- Visible light transmission, 2mm thick glass = 92%
- Poisson’s Ratio (25°C - 400°C) 0.2
- Visible light transmission, 5mm thick glass = 91%
- Young’s Modulus (25°C) 6400 kg/mm2

How much is the image cropped due to the thickness of the lens?

Pictured are images showing the cropping due to the lens. Deep Water Housing Lens Cropping