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Blink Documentation


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Learn how to schedule a Time Lapse with Blink


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User Manuals

The following manuals include guidance on Blink and also our X-Band Motion Detector for Blink.

Blink Quick Start Guide

Blink Product User Manual

Blink Firmware Update
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Can I have a time lapse and motion detection simultaneously?

Yes, Blink allows for multiple schedules to be active at a time.

How long will the battery last if I shoot some number of photos per hour?

Calculating battery life is non-trivial. It depends on the camera model, firmware version, SD card speed, lighting conditions, battery size, age of the battery, ambient temperature, and more. To help you understand the issues and to calculate estimated battery life, consult the Camera Power Consumption Study and our Time Lapse Calculator.

Does Blink work with your Battery Eliminators?

Blink is not compatible with our battery eliminators but don’t worry because it has a battery eliminator incorporated! In order to reduce heat from charging, we recommend removing the internal camera battery and powering the camera through Blink’s USB port. Powering the camera this way also enables Blink to drop power from the camera in the event of a lockup.

NOTE: This is not possible when taking 4K or 2.7K footage - Blink is unable to supply sufficient power to the camera in 4K or 2.7K modes. In this case, you must power the camera directly via the side USB port (or via its internal battery).

Our HERO4 Battery Eliminator uses the same HERO Port as the Scheduler. Therefore the two items cannot be used together.

Note that the internal camera battery will not be charged by Blink. Charging the camera would need to be done using the camera’s mini-USB port.

What happens if there is a conflict between schedules?

If multiple schedules have been set and there is a conflict between them, priority is given to the lower numbered schedule. For example, schedule 1 has priority over schedule 2.

What can I connect to the circular jacks on my Blink?

Please connect only CamDo-approved accessories to these jacks.  Do not connect other equipment, especially voltage sources such as your solar panel or battery, to these jacks.  Doing so will damage your Blink or camera.