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GoPro Motion Detector X-Band Sensor with Cable for Blink


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Product Code:  X-Band   

Motion detection can be used for security camera applications, wildlife photography, and for recording events where a person or other object, such as a car or truck, moves past the camera from time to time.

The X-Band Microwave Motion Sensor is an accessory that can be combined for use with Blink. Blink is designed to extend the GoPro camera's battery life by turning the camera off between shots and allows the motion detection to be set on a scheduled active time.

Since the camera needs to power on before starting the recording, there is approximately a 5 second delay between when the Motion Sensor is triggered and when the recording starts or the picture is taken. Where power is less of a concern we are working on a future feature where the camera will always stay on to reduce the activation time to less than 1 second. This will be released as a firmware update to Blink.

Our X-Band Motion Sensor is an active device powered by Blink’s 3.5mm connection, which bounces 10.5 GHz microwave signals off the objects in front of it. Microwaves will pass through glass and plastic, so the X-Band sensor can be mounted behind a window or inside an opaque waterproof box for use outdoors and are normally used with our durable weatherproof enclosures (solar or weatherproof dry enclosures) that have enough space to house the GoPro, controller board, sensor, and external batteries. The range of the X-Band sensor is adjustable from 8 to 30 feet (2-10m). Actual distances will depend on the environment and mounting configurations.

The X-Band Motion Sensor board measures 1.8” x 1.6" (46mm x 41mm) and mounts neatly inside our solar or dry enclosures.

You are strongly advised to use an SD card from the recommended list on GoPro's website. Use of cards not on the list, will greatly increase your chance of trouble with your setup. Note that some SD cards have the same product name as the cards on the list but are an older version that only have a U1 rating. Make sure your SD card has a U3 rating.


  • Capture Triggers

    The X-Band Motion detector is an active device which bounces 10.5 GHz microwave signals off the objects in front of it. Since it does not rely on radiated heat from the object, it is well suited for detecting smaller wildlife as well as larger objects. It is also less prone to false triggers caused by moving sunlight, etc. Microwaves will pass through glass and plastic, so the X-Band detector can be mounted inside a window looking outside, or in a weatherproof box for use outside. The range of the X-Band detector is adjustable from 8 to 30 feet (2-10m). Actual distances will depend on the environment and mounting configurations.

    Programming Flexibility

    Programmable "shoot time" for single shot, multiple stills, or video.

    Trigger the camera between capturing regular interval time lapse images.

    No Additional Battery Required

    The Motion Sensor is powered from Blink. It uses very little power (similar to a watch) and does not alter the battery life significantly.

    Because it requires no power source and fits inside a waterproof housing, it can be used in any environment the camera can handle.

  • Camera

    Compatibility (Y/N)

    HERO4 Black

    HERO4 Silver

    HERO (2014)

    HERO3+ Black

    HERO3+ Silver

    HERO3 Black

    HERO3 Silver

    HERO3 White



    The X-Band Microwave Motion Sensor is an accessory that can be used with the Blink controller board for triggering the HERO4 and HERO3+ cameras.

    Scripts are not required.
  • Learn how to use your Motion Sensor with Blink and get all the info you'll need here.

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  • Do I require Blink to use the X-Band Motion Sensor?

    Blink is required to use the X-Band Microwave Motion Sensor accessory to trigger the GoPro camera when motion is detected.

    How does the X-Band detect motion?

    The X-Band sensor uses doppler detection of microwaves bounced off the object and is triggered by motion towards or away from the sensor. Microwaves pass through opaque plastics and glass, but not metal. The moving object does not need to be warm to trigger the sensor.

    Will the X-Band Sensor work underwater if contained in a waterproof housing?

    No. The X-Band Sensor only works in air and will not work underwater.

    Can I use more than one sensor with Blink simultaneously?

    No. Blink detects pulse frequency from the X-Band Sensor, so only one sensor can be used at a time.

    Does the controller board fit inside the standard waterproof case?

    The Blink does not fit in the GoPro Housing with the standard backdoor. Blink fits in the extended backdoor attachments included in the GoPro Backdoor Kit and provided with the GoPro accessories such as the GoPro LCD Bacpac or the GoPro Battery Bacpac. However, since the Motion Sensor plugs into the 3.5mm port on the bottom of Blink, a small hole needs to be drilled into the housing to allow the sensor’s wires to pass through the housing. X-Band detectors are normally used with our outdoor enclsores.

    Outdoor Weather Resistant Enclosure

    CamDo offers a series of Outdoor Weather Resistant Enclosure designed to house the GoPro camera, Blink, and Motion Sensor along with space for a high capacity battery and optional solar panel for longer term deployment.

    The X-Band detector fits inside the weather resistant case and does not require any hole in the case for installation.

    How does the Motion Detection video recording time work if motion is detected more than once in the interval?

    If the video mode is selected in the Motion Detector interface of Blink, the camera will continue to record for the amount of time set in the Video recording menu once motion is no longer detected. If movement is detected before the recording time elapses, the recording interval will be reset to ensure you capture the entire motion event.

    Can Blink motion detection schedule and time lapse schedules overlap?

    Yes, the motion detection can be set on a schedule that overlaps with a time lapse schedule. If the camera enters a time lapse interval while camera is currently recording in motion detection mode, the time lapse image will be skipped. If the camera is currently taking a time lapse image when motion is detected, Blink will re-trigger the camera on the motion detection schedule after the camera has taken the time lapse photo and turned off.

    I am a hacker. Can I use the cable on the board to trigger the camera using other devices?

    Blink is not currently setup to use motion sensors other than the X-Band. A future firmware update for Blink will allow for use of different types of sensors with a simple triggering signal.

    I am a not a hacker. I have an idea for a project for our organization. Can you help?

    Yes. The controller board was originally designed to handle custom projects we built for scientists and professional photographers. It is very flexible and can be reprogrammed to respond to different kinds of control inputs. It also has an output which can be used to control lighting, or give different types of feedback. Contact us for a quote for your application.


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