Your Footage: "Under the Ice" by Russ Ricketts

Under the Ice is a video shot by Russ Ricketts using the CamDo Underwater WiFi Extension Cable. The footage shows Coho Salmon living below the ice. At the time the video was shot, the spawn has finished and the last of this magnificent run of fish spends their last days in the calm waters, slowing down until there is nowhere to swim. The video artistically depicts these beautiful creatures calmly floating in the icy winter waters.



"I filmed Under the Ice using my CamDo setup because the water temperatures were around 30 degrees F and the air temps hovered around 15 F, causing the river to freeze over and the fish to seek shelter in the back waters," said Ricketts, "I made a custom pole to allow the camera to extend out and under the ice and capture some pretty unique images of these fish during the final chapter in their lives. I did a fair about of snorkeling during these sessions to place the cameras."

Ricketts has an interesting series of videos on Vimeo showing river marine life. You can also find his work on Facebook.


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