We Interrupt Your Workday With a Time Lapse Trip To Your Childhood

We see our customers using our time slice products to accomplish anything from simple executions to the most creative works-of-art. The team at PermaGrin Films consistently crushes it creatively; and the results have been astonishing. Each video we see from them continues to push the envelope and is more creative and impressive than the last.

In one of their more recent films, called “Imagination”, Permagrin creates a dreamy time lapse that shows the world through the lens of a child’s imagination. It also should be noted that we’re a little jealous of all the adventures this video shoot took the team on.


The description on the video reads:

"As children, we viewed the world through the lenses of our imaginations. The carpet became lava, the shadows formed monsters, the family minivan was a spaceship. But the older we got, the more reality set in, and soon we forgot the magic our minds could create. We invite you to step back into your childhood and take a look through the lens once again.”

So how did they achieve this? Marc Donahue from Permagrin Films explains:

As I mapped out the shots for “Imagination,” I knew that I wanted to implement our GoPro Array Curved Rail mk II system in some way. I thought the best way to show off what it could do would be with balloons. Using the 20 GoPro HERO3 Black Editions, our 6 foot version of the Curved Rail mk II, and a sync cable provided by our partners at CamDo, we shot the star of our production, Kai Burich, standing on top of a chair holding the balloons. Once we were happy with shots we got, we removed Kai and the chair to shoot a clean slate where we could then paint out the chair in post.

Additionally, the team uses a technique they call "lyric-lapsing" - a technique that can be found in their past videos as well. Using still photos, they plan the time-lapse sequences just right, so that the singer in the video is actually mouthing the words as he scurries around to various locations.

The video's star is filmed standing on a chair, which is removed in post-production. 

Here’s a video showing an in-depth behind the scenes look at how the team pulled it off.

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Have you used our products for one of your time lapse projects? Send it our way at marketing@cam-do.com. We might even feature it on our website or blog (with your permission, of course). With so many applications (and so many creative CamDo customers), it's great to show how our customers are utilizing CamDo Solutions products.