Breathtaking 4K Time Lapse Captures 4 years of the Sun

We can't get enough of this mesmerizing solar time lapse, SUN, by Michael König. The film pieces together 21 scenes from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center's 4K footage, which were captured over the past four years by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly to create a hypnotizing four minute film. The footage was shot from 2011 to 2015 by the Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft.


König treats us with a glimpse at the incredible solar activity that is too intense to see with the naked eye. Solar eclipses, planets in orbit, solar flares, filaments and the sun's fiery atmospheric dance are a few things you can expect to see and leave you in awe. This film brilliant work and shows how powerful and beautiful our sun truly is.

Scenes in order of appearance:

1. Long shots of solar activity | October 2013
2. Boiling solar prominence | February 2013
3. Close up active regions | October 2013
4. Launching filament | November 2011
5. Twisting prominence | September 2012
6. Close up solar activity | October 2014
7. Solar prominence | July 2013
8. Lunar transit | January 2014
9. Solar prominence dance | December 2012
10. Solar activity | October 2013
11. Plasma eruption | September 2012
12. Coronal rain | July 2012
13. Close up active regions | October 2013
14. Trebuchet eruption | February 2011
15. Solar prominence | October 2013
16. Venus transit | June 2012
17. Extreme solar eruption | June 2011
18. Filament eruption & ’canyon of fire’ | September 2013
19. Erupting solar filament | March 2015
20. Comet ’lovejoy’ passes sun | December 2011
21. Earth eclipse and dark prominence | September 2012

See more from Michael König, including his new HD version of his EARTH timelapse, on Vimeo. For more information on the Solar Dynamics Observatory mission, click here.

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