Yarin Heads Back to the Backcountry: A Beautiful Time Lapse on Mount Sloan, British Columbia

Last month, we featured a time lapse shot by CamDo team member Yarin during a snowboarding trip to Joffre Lake in the British Columbia backcountry. He recently took another trip to the 3-night ski trip to the backcountry - this time to Mount Sloan - and captured a nature time lapse with BlinkX and a HERO5 Session of an interesting weather pattern. The was a weather inversion which provided the low cloud/fog in the valley with clear sky above. Check out the video below:


He used BlinkX with a HERO5 Session and a V15 battery. He attached the setup to a branch using a RAM Small Tough-Claw Mount and a Long Arm. He used a 15-minute interval on this time lapse.

Yarin also attempted to use night photo for a night lapse, but the maximum 5-second exposure of the HERO5 Session camera was unfortunately inadequate for capturing the night sky.

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