Customer Footage: Construction Time Lapse of Pont Transbordeur Bridge Renovation

Customer Jean-Dominique Lamy recently sent some unique footage of a construction time lapse of the renovation of thePont Transbordeur (aka The Transporter Bridge). The construction renovation project will last for three years, but he is capturing time lapses in two-month increments of the main construction events.

According to the Pont Transbordeur website, "The main objective of this major project is to restore the original condition of the deck imagined in 1900 by Ferdinand Arnodin. The current deck will be dismantled and replaced by a new deck built on the site even in 2018. It will be assembled by riveting this same year. The most stressed elements of the Transporter Bridge will be replaced: the service stairs, the suspension cables, the platform docking counterweight, the platform carriage wheels ... The latter will also be restored and the Transporter Bridge will be repainted in a shade close to the original, black.

The video offers an interesting view of this construction project. We really enjoy the use of so many different angles and perspectives using time lapse. It captures several elements of what is going on within the construction project as well as some unique views of the bridge itself. Watch the video below: 

Lamy is using Blink with a Solar Enclosure and a GoPro HERO4 camera, capturing images from from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. He noted that he chose this set-up due to the ability of being able to set up a frame of 4000 x 3000 pixels so that he’s able to zoom in during post production.

The bridge itself has an interesting history. It was developed by French engineer Ferdinand Arnodin and dating from 1900 provided a means of crossing from one bank to the other, without hindering shipping traffic. A gondola, suspended from a trolley running on rails, travels back and forth between Echillais and Rochefort. As well as the cyclists and foot passengers that use it today, it used to allow cars, carts and horses on board. This is one of the last bridges of its kind in Europe and is owned by the French government.

A bit unsurprisingly, weather poses a bit of a challenge for this project, as Lamy wants to always ensure there is enough power to charge the battery. Additionally, the installation location itself is a bit challenging, as the enclosure is affixed atop a very high mast (which he dislikes climbing - luckily he has a kind friend that was happy to step in and help). To ensure success, he checks the system often to ensure that it is working correctly. He told us that he’s eager to use ShootX for a bit more peace of mind.


Jean-Dominique Lamy is a French cameraman and works for a few TV channels as well as creates corporate videos and documentaries out of Rochefort, France. Prior to this, he spent several years in Dubai working on corporate videography. He and his wife have been working as a team for the past 25 years in their company, Imagine Creations. You can find more work onVimeo.