Using BlinkX in ultra-cold temperatures for beautiful backcountry time lapse

CamDo team member Yarin recently shot this gorgeous time lapse while on an early season backcountry snowboarding trip. While putting in his first few turns of the season, he also wanted to put BlinkX to the test in some cold weather. Temperatures dipped to -15 degrees Celcius and BlinkX worked flawlessly.

The video was shot at Upper Joffre Lake in British Columbia. He used BlinkX, HERO5 Black (with the standard frame mount that comes with the camera) and a V15 battery. He attached the setup to a branch of a tree stump using a RAM Small Tough-Claw Mount and a Long Arm.

Yarin started the time lapse around 10pm and ended it around 4pm the following day. The interval was set to 5 minutes. He then set BlinkX to use Day Photo from sunrise to sunset, Night Photo from sunset to midnight and Night Photo from midnight to sunrise. Night Photo exposure was set to 30-seconds to capture the movement of the stars. He noted that there may have been too long of an exposure due to the brightness of the full moon that moved across the frame.

We get a lot of questions about night lapse, so I asked Yarin if he had any tips for success.

“Ideally, if time permits, test the various Night Photo exposure times to find the optimal setting based on the light available in the shoot overnight. Overlap day and night photo schedules with an offset of 1 minute during sunrise and sunset to allow for picking the best transition time in post production to switch between capture modes for the final video clip."







Not only is Yarin passionate and talented about creating time lapses in the backcountry (there's more to come!), but he's equally so about growing an impressive Movember Mustache. The evidence.