Time Lapse Digest: Astrophotography, Airport Construction Progress Time Lapse, River Monitoring, and Construction Project Visualization

We’ve gathered articles focusing on all things time lapse. We highlight a visually interesting astrophotography project, and note a few meteor showers this week that you can get out and capture. We feature an airport construction time lapse video, as well as a massive 8-year, 60+ camera time lapse project that monitors the Missouri River. And finally, we dive into the topic of construction project visualization—what it is and why it’s important.

Look Up For Two Meteor Showers This Week

by Ashley Strickland, contributing writer for CNN.com

Astro-time lapse alert! There are two meteor showers that will be taking place this week.The Draconid meteor shower will be active through October 10, although Tuesday night might afford the best view. The South Taurid meteor shower is expected to peak on the evenings of October 9 and 10, according to the American Meteor Society. 


Salt Lake City International Airport Releases Time-Lapse of Ongoing Construction

by Lee Davidson, reporter for SLCTrib.com

Earlier this summer,the Salt Lake City International Airport celebrated it National Aviation Day by releasing a construction progress time lapse video of some of the ongoing construction of its new $3.6 billion replacement facility. They released the footage in an effortto help educate the public and passengers about different aspects of the construction



This Astrophotographer Makes the World Turn and the Sky Stand Still

by Universe Today Staff for UniverseToday.com

Photographer Eric Brummel has created a stunning time-lapse of the Milky Way. Time-lapses of the Milky Way are not rare, but Eric has turned convention on its head. Instead of the Milky Way moving across the night sky, it’s the Earth that’s in motion.Eric created this time-lapse by using a star-tracker with his camera. A star-tracker rotates the camera at the same speed as the Earth, but in the opposite direction. It has the visual effect of stabilizing the sky. Read about the project and view the video.



'Change We've Never Seen Before' — Long-Term Time-Lapse Project Captures River's Quick Rise

by Peter Salter, contributing writer for JournalStar.com

Michael Forsberg and Mike Farrell have embarked on a years-long time lapse to depict and document the Missouri River’s long-term rhythms, its natural and manmade influences, its change over time. The Platte Basin Timelapse project uses over 60 kits, capturing over 2-million images over the course of 8+ years. And they’ve witnessed some pretty incredible changes to the river during this time. 


Construction Project Visualization: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

by Sarah Wallace, staff writer for Cam-Do.com

Recently, CamDo CEO Todd McCann attended the Advancing Construction Technology event. A recurring theme during the event was that there is a need for greater visualization into construction projects.Visualization results in a more informed, and proactive management team, better able to keep a project on track because they can literally see what's going on, no matter where they are. We explore this topic in depth, diving into what visualization is and why it is important.