Construction Project Visualization: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

by Sarah Wallace September 17, 2019

Construction Project Visualization: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

As we mentioned in last week’s summary from our time at the Advancing Construction Technology event, the need for greater visualization into projects was a recurring theme during our time at the event. This week, we wanted to explore this concept in more depth, especially as it relates to our long term construction time lapse offerings

What is visualization?

Visualization is the ability for stakeholders to get a true understanding and (ideally visual) representation of where a construction project stands at any stage. This could be in the design stage using VR, the build stage using images for safety, or the operating stage for record keeping and maintenance… and many things in between.

Why is it important? 

Building owners and developers know that construction project defects cause delays, and delays cost money. Without comprehensive as-built visual coverage, major stakeholders are often left in the dark, without truly knowing what’s happening on site. 

Visualization results in a more informed, and proactive management team, better able to keep a project on track because they can literally see what's going on, no matter where they are.

As we mentioned last week in our event recap, there are a number of companies offering products and services that address visualization right now. And while visualization may not be our sole focus, we’re happy that we fit into this list of companies that allow greater visualization through our long term time lapse solutions. 

How does CamDo assist with visualization? 

We’re so glad you asked.

  1. Illustrating Progress

We’ve written extensively about the importance of creating progress videos to update key stakeholders and even the community. Progress videos can provide a comprehensive, nearly real-time look at the project - and since they’re typically covering much shorter timeframes, they’re simple to create yet are impactful. 

  1. Visual Snapshot Anytime, Anywhere

Through the use of CloudX Pro, you can automatically upload your images to the cloud and access them immediately from anywhere. This allows you to have a realistic state of the construction site at any time. 

  1. Remote Monitoring

Time lapse also adds useful timestamping for security purposes. Did an event happen? Was there an accident? Was equipment stolen? By collecting an image library via time lapse photography, you’ll have a detailed, fairly granular (depending on your scheduling) record of what occurred. The images can then be used to add the important visual representation to any report created about the event.

  1. Integrations

There are many construction management apps and platforms emerging, with a wide variety of applications. Our technology can interface with open API's to seamlessly connect with these platforms to improve workflow. 

  1. Price

It’s simple. We’re focused on 4K for less. We provide high quality 4K resolution at the lowest total cost of ownership in the market. This low cost allows installation of more cameras on your site, providing even more visibility.

And because we know visibility is so important, we’ve worked this aspect into our own CloudX platform. You’ll get email notifications that give you a status of your time lapse system (without having to physically check it) so that you know your camera is capturing images, and everything is working as it should. 

Project visualization is an important aspect of all construction projects and should be considered during the planning stages. We hope you’ll consider the features our products offer to aid in your visualization efforts.

Sarah Wallace
Sarah Wallace


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