Four-Year Construction Time Lapse: Coal, Clinker and Cement Terminal Project

CamDo customerRizwan Bhiriya put the ‘long term’ long term time lapse photography in his latest project. He captured a nearly four year construction time lapse of the Pakistan's first dedicated coal, clinker and cement terminal at Port Qasim in Karachi.

The scale of this project alone made it an enormous undertaking and a big challenge. Construction spanned across 500 hecters. The project captured 27,843,200 minutes of construction, resulting in over 3 million images. From scheduling out different camera perspectives depending on what was happening within the time period to ensuring equipment was working correctly, Bhiriya and his team always had to be on their toes and thinking several steps ahead. They couldn’t afford to miss a day due to error.

I had a lot of hiccups during this shoot. Like malfunctions, damages, etc. And at that point CamDo supported me in all sorts of ways. Which was a major reason that i was able to complete this project successfully... so a lots of credit goes to your team as well.”

They used our Time Lapse Intervalometer and later our Programmable Scheduler (which have now been replaced by BlinkX), with various schedules and settings depending on the speed of construction.

We love seeing seriously long term time lapses being created with our products. Long, complex construction projects like this are why we develop the products we’ve developed.

We expect to see more from Bhiriya, as he’s already got a few projects to follow up this amazing feat  in the works in the residential building and automotive industries. We can’t wait to see what else he comes up with!

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AboutRizwan Bhiriya

Bhiriya has been an artist, filmmaker and photographer for nearly 2 decades, working on a very wide range of photography projects. He initially go into time lapse photography when he decided to illustrate the effects of war on his city and its people many years ago. From industrial to corporate to sports and more. He represents major brands and companies in Pakiston and has completed international projects for brands and NGOs. He also teaches photography at various institutions across Pakistan. You can learn more and view his work at his website and find him on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.