Customer Project: Prefabricated Corporate Office Construction Time Lapse

Customer Juan Diego Bautista Rodriguez shared a corporate office construction time lapse project with us called “Project Corporativo 338,” which he worked on with his company, La Sombrilla AV. Using a Solar Enclosure, our Programmable Scheduler (which has been replaced by Blink and BlinkX), a v15 battery and a GoPro HERO4 Black, he captured the construction process in Merida City, Mexico.The building was developed entirely in prefabricated system construction - a new process in Yucatán, Mexico - for his client, Maza Infraestructura.



The time lapse project occurred over the course of eleven months, and the set-up was scheduled to capture an image every five minutes.

La Sombrilla AV is in the process of creating a final video highlighting the project as a whole. We hope to feature it once it’s been completed.

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