Metropolis Visual Makes The Most Out of School Renovation Footage With Construction Progress Videos

Last week, we featured the transformation of the derelict Carmelite Convent into the Chichester Free School. The team at Metropolis Visual did so many things right on this project. Not only did they create a stunning video highlighting the project, but they also created progress videos to allow the public to follow along with the progress.

According to Tomas Jurjonas, this was a very important piece of the overall video project because the building was such an iconic figure in the local community. There were many parties involved in the project, and it was important to keep everyone involved in the process updated as work progressed. The videos were shared in local media channels, schools, building companies, councils, and architect web pages.

STAGE 1: 1-3 Months

STAGE 2: 4-8 Months

STAGE 3: 9-15 Months

Stage 4: 16-18 Months

Additionally, Metropolis Video has used the videos to portray a comprehensive look at the project, and more importantly their video production work, on a portfolio page on their website in order to attract future clients.


We talk a lot about the importance of progress videos when it comes to long term construction projects. But keep in mind, it’s not just about capturing the footage and creating impressive videos, it’s about what you do with it. Keep stakeholders involved. Update the public. Showcase amazing construction work. Document history. Highlight your services and expertise to future clients.


About Metropolis Visual

Metropolis Visual was founded in 2016 with a mission to improve advertising for the better. Whether the goals are tied to building brand awareness, educating and converting customers/clients or team expansion, they believe the all-in-one package of sight, sound and motion is one of the best tools you can have in your marketing arsenal that truly works. They aim to transform your business and they way you interact with potential clientele. Their passion is  video marketing that evokes emotion, impels action, stays in your customers'/clients' memory for days (if not forever). Follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.