How To Reset Your GoPro HERO5 Wifi Password Quickly (Black or Session)

We wrote last year about how to quickly reset your GoPro camera wifi password settings. If you have a HERO4 or HERO3 series camera please read our previous post here.

If you are lucky enough to have a HERO5 Black or HERO5 session then read-on.

HERO5 Black

  1. Turn the camera on - seems obvious but it needs to be off for the HERO5 Session!
  2. From the main screen, swipe down.
  3. Tap Connect  >> Reset Connections >>  tap Reset.
  4. A new password will be generated by the camera.

NOTE: The camera name cannot be altered on the HERO5 Black, only the password can be reset.

Now for the HERO5 Session. It’s a little more convoluted…

HERO5 Session

NOTE: On the HERO5 Session, the WiFi reset process will also reset your to factory settings​​. As per the HERO5 Black, the camera name cannot be altered, only the password can be reset.

  1. With your camera off, press the Menu button to turn on the status screen.
  2. Press the Menu button repeatedly until you get to Exit Menu.
  3. Press and hold Shutter button for 8 seconds.
  4. Press the Menu button to navigate to ‘Yes’, then press the Shutter button to select it.
  5. A new password will be generated by the camera.

That’s it, hope you have found that useful.