Get Enormous Time and Money Savings with the Underwater WiFi Inspection Pack

by Sarah Wallace July 10, 2019

Get Enormous Time and Money Savings with the Underwater WiFi Inspection Pack

We’ve been taking a break this week with our regular construction time lapse programming to highlight another amazing solution that we offer: our Underwater WiFi Inspection pack. While long term time lapse is our main focus, this smart solution also deserves some love. It is drastically improving our customers’ workflow - and that’s why we do what we do every day.

The Underwater WiFi Inspection pack is a rugged underwater vision system. It essentially acts as your eyes in order to quickly, easily, and safely inspect underwater environments, either real time or as a recording. It’s great for: 

  • Dam Wall Inspection
  • Weir and Infrastructure Inspection
  • Fish Farms & Oyster Farms Inspection
  • Water Tanks and Water Wells Inspection
  • Livestreaming Marine Life
  • Inspect Delamination, Osmosis Damage, Algae Growth or Barnacles
  • Monitor Structural Conditions over time

This solution was developed to address the needs of professional and government organizations, including rescue crews and The Coast Guard. These needs were clearly communicated to us because there was just nothing out there that quickly and easily provided the capability to inspect equipment without sending in a diver. 

This system allows for the safe and remote inspection of underwater assets without entering the water. Using the GoPro app, view a real time video feed of the asset during inspections as well as providing a means of recording the video feed for future use, all in 4K quality. The ability to quickly and easily inspect equipment without the use of divers upfront also makes the overall process much more efficient, as you get a view of the situation before entering the water, allowing you to better prepare. 

For one customer, a gate to a reservoir began malfunctioning. They needed to inspect the construction of the gate in order to determine how to repair it. In the past, this process was costly and time consuming. It required sending a diver to the location, review the situation, then return to the surface so that the team could determine what needed to be done and gather the equipment needed to do so. 

Enter the Underwater WiFi Inspection pack.  

"The CamDo Underwater WiFi Inspection Pack allowed us to inspect the gate for roughly 5% of the usual cost. It also gave us the information we needed to have the replacement parts on hand and help schedule the subsequent repair with divers, saving us even more money. This pack is a no-brainer." - Undisclosed (Conservation District Employee)

This solution allowed for the entire front half of this process to be vastly improved and much more efficient. They could simply deploy the camera, look at what was happening, and prepare for the repair prior to sending a diver in. It allows for quicker and safer repairs at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the solution allowed the team to have a much clearer, frequent, comprehensive view of the equipment--with their own eyes. 

“CamDo’s Underwater WiFi Inspection Pack allowed us to capture clear images of a construction defect. We were then able to hold the contractors responsible for their work and have them correct their installation. Without this product, we would have either had to wait years before we figured out the problem, or spent significant funds arranging for divers to inspect the work.”  



The Underwater Inspection Pack includes:

  • GoPro HERO5 Black
  • GoPro Supersuit - good for 60m/196ft
  • 64GB SD card
  • GoPro battery charger and spare battery
  • 125 foot underwater WiFi cable
  • Dual LumeCube lighting system
  • Weight attachment
  • Waterproof hard shelled storage case
    • Moulded foam interior
    • Spare slots for miscellaneous cables and chargers


    Looking to create an underwater time lapse? We’ve got you covered. Check out our underwater time lapse solutions here.

    Sarah Wallace
    Sarah Wallace


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