Underwater Time Lapse and Photography Solutions

Easily capture the underwater world with our great line of underwater products.

'Deep' makes long term underwater time lapse possible.

Our underwater inspection pack makes boat hull inspections a breeze.

Capturing underwater footage is very different to above the surface. CamDo has developed a number of different solutions to allow you to capture that unique footage and/or control your camera.

accessibilityWhat activity are you undertaking?

CamDo offers solutions for both Underwater Control using our Underwater WiFi cable and also Underwater Photography / Time Lapse. You can also just browse through our collection of underwater products. Click on your area of interest below.

What Information Do I Need?

If you haven't already done so, it's important to run through some calculations to check the items listed below. We have built an easy time lapse calculator to help you work it all out - but it's important to start here and understand your project constraints. Successful planning will mean a successful project.

The time lapse calculator will run you through the following:

  • How long is the project - hours, days, months or even years?
  • Length of the time lapse movie you want to create at the end?
  • What is the interval between shots?
  • How many frames are taken / needed to achieve this?
  • How much memory do I need to store all those frames?
  • How much power will I need to achieve the above?

camera_enhanceWhat Equipment Do I Need?

Now that you know a bit more about your shoot, we can now look at the equipment. CamDo has simple yet powerful solutions based on the GoPro series of cameras which are a happy medium between cost, size and quality.
NOTE: Our DeepWater Enclosures are typically made to order - please contact CamDo sales to confirm current stock and if there is a lead time.